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The Most Disappointing Change to Disney World Dining Plans

The Most Disappointing Change to Disney World Dining Plans

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Everyone is celebrating the return of Disney’s Dining Plans. But, there is one disappointing change.

The Return of the Disney Dining Plan

Credit: Katie P.

The World of Disney Parks fans is abuzz with the news that options for Disney dining plans are finally returning! The dining plans were not an option when the parks reopened, likely due to the lack of character dining and the number of restaurants open in general.

Now, with most dining back to normal Disney is finally ready to bring back the dining plan! Disney dining plans will be coming back as an option exclusively for those staying at Disney Resort hotels who purchase a vacation package with us starting with stays beginning Jan. 9, 2024, which will also open for bookings on May 31

Dining Plan Details

Credit: Katie

Disney is offering 2 familiar dining plan options: The Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan and the Disney Dining Plan. While no pricing has been announced, Disney has made mention of the potential savings Guests can expect when they book a dining plan. You can read the full details surrounding the two plans here.

According to Disney, you can use the dining plans to save up to 20% on dining for kids ages 3 to 9 when you purchase a dining plan for your family as part of a Walt Disney Travel Company package. Savings are compared to the nondiscounted price of menu items available to kids ages 3 to 9 at participating locations when purchased without a dining plan. Actual savings vary based on menu items ordered.

Credit: Maggie

Of course, for most people, the appeal goes beyond savings. Some people like the fact that the dining plan solidifies their Disney budget. It allows them to have the whole trip paid for so that they can enjoy their visit without worrying about the budget.

It is indeed great to see the plans return. However, fans are noticing one disappointing change.

Disappointing Changes

Credit: KatieP

If you look at the details of the dining plans, you will notice that something is missing! In the past, both the Disney Dining Plan and the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan provided Guests with 2 snack credits per guest per day. However, Disney has reduced the offering to ONE snack/nonalcoholic beverage per guest per day.

The website states: Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan includes: 2 Quick-Service Meals, 1 Selected Snack per person per night’s stay, and 1 Refillable Resort Mug per person. Disney Dining Plan includes: 1 Quick-Service Meal, 1 Table-Service Meal, 1 Selected Snack per person per night’s stay, and 1 Refillable Resort Mug per person.

Credit: Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co

Another change is that there is verbiage stating: Meals are non-transferable between party members. This likely means that Guests will not be able to “Pixie Dust” Guests in other parties with meal credits.

While some Guests ascertain the Disney Dining Plan was too much food, those who loved the dining plan options in the past will likely miss that second snack credit. Some Guests loved grabbing both a beverage and a snack. Other Guests loved taking home extra Disney snacks as souvenirs and mementos of the magic. This will also be a blow to those who used the credits to enjoy snacking at EPCOT festivals.

Credit: KatieP

Whether the new dining plan pricing reflects the snack deletion remains to be seen. However, those who are planning to utilize the dining plan options will need to plan for two meals and one snack each day.

Will the reduction of snack credits cause the intense fan backlash that we saw with Noodlegate? For those who are new here, when ‘Ohana reopened, it was without the famous ‘Ohana Noodles. Fans were noticeably upset, and the noodles returned. Disney listens to Guests.

Do you know someone who will be disappointed that Disney will only be offering one snack credit instead of two? Are you disappointed in the change? Let us know in the comments.

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Theresa Michalik

Saturday 13th of May 2023

So disappointing as 2 snacks really help and I bet the prices are going to be outrageous too. Stop gouging us….enough is enough . Being Canadian makes these trips extremely expensive and to the point that many may not return.

Ronald Puckett

Friday 12th of May 2023

I am very disappointed I usually cone a couple times a year and especially like to come during the food festivals at epcot. With the 2 snacks I could try many different foods that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. Please reconsider or at least offer add on snacks during the different festivals. Thanks


Friday 12th of May 2023

I agree that snack credits make the food booths more fun to visit.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday 11th of May 2023

I have a close family member who worked at a resort pre COVID, they constantly had guests coming in to try to use all of their unused snack credits in the gift shop before leaving for home. I don’t think the reduction of snack credits will be as much of an issue as we all think.


Thursday 11th of May 2023

Great information. Thanks


Thursday 11th of May 2023

We are a family of 6 and we ALWAYS used one snack in the AM for bfast and then the other for a snack between lunch and dinner. Only 1 snack credit is very disappointing. The petition needs started now, before they roll out the pricing!!


Wednesday 10th of May 2023

That's how I would read it. That sucks if that is the case! Some of my family would use my quick service for breakfast, and use theirs for lunch.

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