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DeSantis promises to make your Disney vacation more expensive with new tolls and taxes

DeSantis promises to make your Disney vacation more expensive with new tolls and taxes
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New tolls and taxes will definitely drive up your vacation expenses at Disney World. DeSantis is to blame for these promises.

A brief recap

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The past year has been turbulent between the state of Florida and The Walt Disney Company. Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education Law in 2022.

The Walt Disney Company originally remained quiet surrounding this bill despite pleas from employees and fans for them to take an official stance. Tension built until then-CEO Bob Chapek denounced the bill, but many believed it was too little, too late.

The company has even gone so far to say that they would actively work to get the bill repealed. This caused DeSantis to retaliate in his own public speakings.


The tension between the company and the state continued worsen as state Republicans repealed the Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967. Essentially, the law states that Disney is its own governing body in the two cities and land within Orange and Osceola counties.

The bill passed, and Reedy Creek Improvement District officially dissolved. The state of Florida now has power over Disney World, and DeSantis created a new oversight board for the district.

Disney’s last ditch effort

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Just before the handover took place, Disney tried one last ditch effort to keep as much control out of the state of Florida as possible. Just recently, Disney made an agreement between the district and the parks/resorts.

This new agreement basically gives Disney most of the control of the district and prevents the new oversight board from making any changes to this agreement.

As such, DeSantis even ordered a criminal investigation for legal and ethical violations. Now, he is promising to retaliate even further.

More taxes and tolls

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DeSantis recently spoke at Hillsdale College, saying, “Come hell or high water we’re going to make sure that policy of Florida carries the day…we’re going to win on every single issue involving Disney I can tell you that.”

He promised to punish Disney by raising Disney’s hotel taxes and putting in toll roads around Disney World property.

We’re going to win on every single issue involving Disney I can tell you that.

Ron DeSantis

So, what does this mean for your vacation?

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At a time when room prices are higher than ever and Guests are sick of the price gouging, there seems to be no end in sight. These new price increases have the potential to increase the cost of your vacation even more.

You may be tempted to fly into Disney versus drive. Additionally, you may consider staying offsite to help offset the cost. This, in turn, will affect your park strategy. You will not have have access to Early Entry or some Individual Lightning Lanes that sell out before the park opens.

What do you think of the possibility of higher taxes and toll roads at Disney World? Will it prevent you from coming in the future? Let us know in the comments below and share this post with a friend.


  1. When was your last trip to DW? There is more family values at DW than the gun loving, woman hating, Florida Legislature. Which bye the way, is in lock step with DeSantis’ desire to remove human rights and his anti-business and anti- Florida ideas, particularly where Disney is concerned.
    DeSantis is so childish. Fortunately, his actions regarding Disney have pretty much exposed his inability to run Florida, let alone the country.

  2. Can someone please explain to me why if DeSantis has given so much power to parents, why a parent can not choose to take their child to a drag show? Is This is called selective parenting or is Ron DeSantis everybody’s daddy? I am a straight white woman who happens to think drag shows absolutely are hilarious and fun to go too!

    Personally, and this is only my opinion, DeSantis is using hitlers playbook! Very dangerous politician.

  3. Might as well be a million. We can’t afford Disney but every 8 years or so now when we once went at least once a year. It is sad.

  4. So where do you draw the line. We have now created such division in a country where you’re supposed to allow Free Speech free thought free choice of religion and not be persecuted because of that. I may not agree what leadership does. But I also do not agree with what the president does. Nothing. I have never seen such an Administration in my life that will do nothing to relieve the burden on the American people but only point fingers and create such Division and hate amongst Americans without if another person does not agree with them or fails to speak in a manner which they demand they canceled them and they state that they are offended. Since when did we create such a sensitive Society. When you have the freedom to speak and speech that means no one has the right to censor you or threaten you or cancel you. If you haven’t realized it to stay at the Contemporary Hotel over Easter break in Disney was $1,700 a night. So your article does not hold water. All you are is doing is creating and playing on people that you are able to influence. It’s Easter we are supposed to Love Thy Neighbor even if we don’t agree with them even if we don’t like them. It’s easy to love somebody you like it shows true character to love somebody that you do not like. Check yourself before you check others

  5. Disney should shut down for six weeks and put all employees on state unemployment! Light up the the statehouse phone lines with cancelled vacation goers and visa MasterCard refund policy executives airline cancellation reservations and all the taxes that go with them. Have Disney transfer all the ticket values to California park and have Californians welcome the guests and revenue. Then fim it all for a reality show on +.

  6. Not all Floridians are like that I have lived here my entire life and I cannot stand that man he’s the worst we’ve ever and he’s acting like a five-year-old having a tantrum don’t lot all Floridians in the same pile we’re not all the same have some respect

  7. Let me first state, this won’t happen. DeSantis is trying the smoke and mirrors approach to delude people into thinking this. I live in Florida, and more spefically, Orlando. Let’s break all this down in Hotel taxes and tolls roads.

    Hotel taxes: When checking into any & all hotels in the USA, you will notice several things on your Hotel bill. Besides the normal amount charged by hotels for your per day stay, resort fees, in resort dining options (charging items to your room) and in some instances per day parking, there are other things on your hotel bill. State sales/lodging taxes – this is universal for whatever lodging accommodation you seek. The state charges this to all hotels. County taxes, the county of which the hotel is located, may, and normally does charge a tax. City taxes, the city may impose additional taxes to hotel and lodging services for those that stay there. These are placed against the hotel, to which the hotel places against the guest staying there. Once payment is received, the various taxing entities receive what they are requesting. Governor DeSantis is stating that a special tax or additional tax can be levied against Disney. This simply can’t happen. Disney is already paying state hotel/lodging taxes, which all hotels are paying the same, within the stare of Florida. The only way DeSantis can truly stick it to Disney, which he really isn’t, would be for DeSantis to raise the state tax for hotels -statewide and that means ALL hotels would have the pay the higher tax. Hotels and resorts pay the same tax when it comes to state taxes. It is just how tax code is written. Demanding extra taxes would be considered unconstitutional on state law. In other words, if Disney’s hotel taxes are increased, they will charge the guest, just like all hotels will do, as their taxes went up.

    Toll roads – I am assuming that most people don’t live in Orlando, but we are absolutely covered in toll roads. They exist, it is what it is. DeSantis has stated that tolls will be added to roads entering Disney. There are two roads that can take you towards Disney, but does not take you directly into Disney. The toll roads are 417 and 429. Certainly, DeSantis could increase the tolls on these roads, but both 417 and 429 travel more than just towards Disney and would most impact Florida residents trying to get to work and about life. I-4 goes toward Disney, but this is a federal highway and even though the I-4 Express Lanes are toll roads, the main part of I-4 is not. The roads going directly into Disney are owned, operated, maintained, and managed. Disney has always paid for it’s own roads within Disney property. Disney would ultimately need to make the call of whether or not tolls will be added and I just don’t see Disney doing this. DeSantis may think that he can do this, but he really can’t. He would basically have to come out and say Disney is owned by the state of Florida and that is simply not the case. It goes into some slippery slope activity on tolls that Florida may not wish to venture into.

  8. He can’t be re-elected unless he changes parties which will never happen. He’s already serving his two terms allowed.

  9. The first 4 years DeSantis was governor of Florida none of this non-sense was going on. He didn’t attack drag shows or had any interest in rewriting history by banning books, etc. It has only been since his re-election that he is NOW trying to make a name for himself throughout the country by appealing to the extreme right. He is trying to become a Trump mini me so that he can tap into Trump’s base. It seems like since his re-election he has spent more time away from Florida traveling the country pushing his agenda than he has in the State of Florida working to help its citizens. If he would actually put as much effort into resolving the homeowners insurance crisis (and not with the BS new reform he recently made up) or finding a way to prevent FP&L from jacking everyone’s rates, as he has been fighting with Disney over a private email that was sent to its employees expressing their freedom and right to support whomever they choose, then Florida may actually be a state we can proud of instead of the now known, “Shithole of the South”.

  10. I think the people of Florida should be ashamed and really rethink electing this guy again. The voting along party lines and NOT for what is best for the country has got to stop. There are bad politicians on both sides of the aisle, but at least some of them try.

  11. Yet the dumb people of Florida will vote for him in droves because they believe he’s really doing something by going after books and minorities.

    Someday you’ll learn he’s a power hungry facist, and unfortunately it will be too late when you figure it out. He should not abuse his power because a private company who employs people who the law discriminates against dared to say its not right.

  12. I have been 2 disney 22 times. Not again in my lifetime until Florida thanks disney for the huge economy you enjoy. Thank your governor for your the up comming economic collapse

  13. All he is doing if he gets his way … long term I think it will also hurt small business around Disney!
    It is so expensive to go to the theme parks . So if some folks decide to skip Disney . Yes it will hurt Disney but also the state and surrounding cities because of less income. From fewer people coming here.
    You go little man. This foulishness at this time will not make you grow any bigger

  14. So he again is going to make Florida residents pay for his pettiness. Who does he think are the biggest users of these roads? The people who live there and use them to commute! What a jerk.

  15. Bully always end up losing in the end. Look at Chris Christie. I used to be a bully back in elementary school, and realized by middle school that it’s just wrong. I feel really bad hurting others emotionally because of my insecurities. If I had an opportunity to met all those I hurt in the past, I would ask for forgiveness. Also, it is just plain easier to be nice to people while always doing the right thing.

  16. This man is the worst governor I have experienced here in my 40 years.He is a petty vindictive little man hell bent on getting his way even if it means destroying one of the largest employers in the state.

  17. Agree 100%. DeSantis thinks he’s the ruler of the world. He would be a horrible president, likely worse than trump

  18. Anyone who says that Disney should stay out of politics doesn’t have a Scooby Doo clue as to what they are actually talking about. Also ron desatan is a palooka…

  19. DeSantis is doing his job. He knows what’s best for the state and for what should happen with Disney. I’m fine with his decision.

  20. Awww missing the “good old [we got to be openly sexist racists] days” are we?! Poor white america, I feel for you and your “Christian values” hypocrisy. Good luck to you, your day has come and will soon be gone.
    Glad the toddler desantis is getting some practice losing, he’s going to get a lot more of it.

  21. This does not make sense and he clearly has not been to wdw… Is he going to toll I4?.. good luck with that . Is he going to toll world drive? Park at downtown Disney and take buses in or the the sky lift.. 417 is a toll.. part of Osceola is toll… What hotels are going to see a tax increase.. is it wdw property only? That may be seen as predatory.. all of Orlando.. he will have a fight with Orlando.. sea world.. universal. All of Florida? Good luck with that too…. His comments just makes no sense.

  22. Desantis is mad that he was outmanuvered using Florida’s Laws against him. He is throwing a history fit like a toddler who doesn’t get his way. The Disney legal team have been hard at since Desantis started this shit storm, how can he think that did something illegal to achieve their goal? He is going to run off tourists from Florida all together and then there will be less revenue. He needs to think before he speaks. I will keep going to Disney and I hope Disney wins in the end.

  23. I don’t think Mr DeSantis remembers that Dosney Fans are also voters. Was considering voting for him but definitely NOT now.

  24. I don’t know where u live but obviously NOT in Florida. Very low cost of living?? The only thing low in Florida is salaries.
    As for Desantis and Disney. Its just Desantis pushing more cost on citizens. Showing how much power he can bestow around here.
    FLORIDA Inc.
    That’s his dream. Just one big corperation.

  25. yep,
    and Disney is paying for it just like those others. One would think Fortified would love seeing such a large corporation finally having to pay more of its fair share

  26. Just another company headed for the chopping block, all things that use to be good are comming to an end in this day and time.

  27. And who will pay the most for these tolls? The cast members who are just trying to get back and forth twice a day to try to make a living to afford already high rent, gas, and groceries..

  28. It appears Desantis is playing politics in a personal level. I wonder what would happen if Disney packed up and left Florida? That would obviously put a strain on Disney’s financial but it would be an interesting payback to Desantis.

  29. Conservatives used to pretend to want to lower taxes. Now they support punitive taxes with the intention of hurting a corporation. Please explain that.

  30. Enjoy chasing your rental car with all of your belongings down the street or homeless in the lobbies and used needles around for good measure.

  31. Desantis is using Disney to help his political ambitions. When Desantis is gone, Florida will be hurt by his personal ambitions. Same as 45

  32. Conservatives hate liberty and justice for ALL. Rhonda santis is being a whiny little bitch.

    Rhonda santis is having meltdowns because disney is standing up to his bigoted, fascist nonsense.

    And for people saying Rhonda santis was elected by a wide margin, I’ll just say this…so was adolf hitler.

  33. No, it’s not conservative for the state to run corporations. GOP has moved closer to National Socialism: Crony capitalism with an authoritarian populist leader. The train has jumped the tracks.

  34. Wow is this good. Desantis is a mini Trump that is showing his dictatorial doctrine on how he handles issues. As president it could be worse then Trump. Eliminate the chi, Don, it’s and run the US as a puppet regime putting NATO on the line and accepting a Putin alliance. He would refund Florida federal funds and all blue states. This would beccthectip of the iceberg.

  35. Florida overall has a very low cost of living comparatively speakingbut if Disney left Orlando that Doyle lower the cost of living in Orlando but raise the cost of living in the Midwestern town that Disney would relocate to.

  36. All y’all complaining about Disney dabbling in politics should wander on over to my pillow.com, Chick-fil-A.com and hobby lobby.com and let your opinions be known there as well.

  37. So basically because of DeSantis, everyone has to pay more because he can’t get his way. He is now hurting the people more than Disney. How is that even fair to the citizens of Florida, let alone the rest of the world that comes to vist just because of Disney? Would he treat the rest of the country the same way should he choose to run for president? Most likely in my opinion

  38. Personally, I’d like to see Disney, strange as it may sound, relocate! Florida has heavy competition there, high cost of living and Desantis. If even part of Disney tourism enterprise were to relocate like in the Central US, the cost of living is about half, they would be appreciated, and they could probably get the same tax break and deal they originally had with Florida! Maybe they could team up with the sovereign Native Americans in Oklahoma! If they became the big fish in a smaller pond, it would be a big win for a centrally located state and for Disney and dump Desantis and his abuse of political power for his personal vendettas.

  39. Companies have always been involved in politics. It’s not new. We see companies donating to political campaigns all the time. De Santis is just desperate to be a dictator when someone doesn’t agree with him.

  40. Hey, dictator. So now I will quickly run to Disney and won’t leave, until it’s time to return to the airport. I won’t use the toll roads to visit any other local businesses. I’m sure the residents of Florida will be glad to hear that. Did you really accomplish your goal? Keep your eye on the prize.

  41. Think about hoe petty it is to.pass a law prohibiting anyone from talkingbabout gay people! The DeSantis is fighting with Disney because they spoke out. There is so.ethingbseriously wrong with DeSantis

  42. Citizens United case sort of gave corporations free speech rights. It was a bad decision then and now we should have to live with it. Desantis is using his office to punish Disney for using those rights and that punishment is likely to have negative effects on the entire state in the form of lost revenue because not as many tourists will come to the state. Considering the fact that those tourists are how the state can pay for stuff and not have an income tax. Nice move.

  43. So the state of Florida is going to spend millions to put in and enforce tolls.
    By the time they are even in place he will have lost or won the Pres primary. Either way, his attention will be elsewhere.
    Disney can operate at a lower profit level, longer than he can spend public funds.

  44. DeSantis is awful. As much as I’m not looking forward to paying extra fees or tolls for my visits, I hope that Disney continues to stand up against DeSantis and his continued overreaching. He seems to forget that central Florida was nothing but swamp before Disney came

  45. I think Disney should move on up to Georgia, They would love to have them.Its clear Florida don’t don’t want them.They need to be closer to the rest of US anyway.

  46. Eric, we do not have Open Carry and the tolls/taxes would only affect Disney areas. Also, DeSantis did not start the divisive politics, as you call them, he stepped in and stopped things happening against the will of the people. Hence why he was overwhelming reelected. With all that said, please do consider a vacation in Florida. I am positive you will meet awesome people and have a great time.

  47. Exactly. Let Disney go take more money from China who slaughters and rapes their citizens. Funny how sick liberals never want to look at their anti-humanity.

  48. Really? Plenty of Disney park regulars are very happy that Disney takes stands against discrimination! Your whole statement reeks of right wing paranoia!

  49. Not every Disney fan is happy with the way Disney has handled this. The company had many benefits handed to them when Walt was running the company. Trying to remain politically correct is turning many families away.
    If the company wants to play politics, they need to stop crying foul and learn to negotiate and treat everyone fair.
    Many good people have worked with the company and has been treated unfairly. It is a sad state.
    Hopefully the people in charge with listen and learn. Return to family friendliness. People will start returning.
    Sea World is listening. Discovery Cove is listening. Maybe folks will spend precious vacation days there. We have started to look elsewhere for our family.

  50. desantis running for president because he wants to become a dictator. We prefer our democracy. He is a little man with a huge ego and demented brain.

  51. DeSantis scares off tourists on his own. We don’t want to go visit a state run by an emporer who behaves like a spoiled child. I’m hoping the people in Florida wake up before the next election.

  52. Groomers? You mean like when desantis was getting drunk with high school girls he was teaching? That sort of groomers?

  53. I applaud Disney. What DeSantis is doing is so woke. Where is the freedom of speech? The state of Florida is being run like Russia & China

  54. Desantis is a fascist. He’s stupid and just as revenge minded as trump. Dictator are not going to win elections in the country even if their dumb ass citizens are ok with electing one locally

  55. Disney was the only reason to travel to Florida. Now open carry, new tolls/taxes, divisive politics we’ll spend our money elsewhere. Desantis definitely killed the vibe.

  56. DeSantas will be killing the largest State income provider since his actions will surely reduce the number of tourists coming to Florida. The guy is totally out of his mind if he thinks he is doing good for the State.

  57. Wrong, you will be paying more taxes now. You all had a good thing going until cry baby DeSantis ruined it for you.

  58. First of all if you don’t think giant corporations like Disney are not involved in politics then you are living in the wrong country. DeSantis is a little brat that wants his way no matter what. He could care less how it effects you as taxpayers and how it will effect tourism. You have a child as a governor.

  59. There has been enough happening in Florida lately that I have very little interest in returning there though I used to on an annual basis. The whole “woke” business may make for political points, but I belive its essentially denying rights and freedom

  60. Desantis is a tyrant who thinks he should control everything and if you’re with him you are anti American as well. Long live Mickey Mouse.

  61. Disney is robbing the Florida taxpayers through its actions, so this is only fair. Disney should stay out of Florida politics.

  62. DeSantis will be long forgotten before the tolls can be enacted. Florida will get hurt by his childish playground antics.

  63. That’s the same thing that Benito Mussolini did in Italy if you let a fastest run your country it’s going to run it down in the ground and Disney May or should pack up their bags and leave Florida and see how he likes that

  64. WOW… What a HIT PIECE on DeSantis! SHAME on you!
    He never said that he was doing that, only that the state MAY look into it.
    Your irresponsible reporting makes it sound like it’s a done deal.
    Thanks for scaring our tourists away.

  65. It seems to me that this article is slanted towards the personal politics of the writer and should be deleted. Not the place…

  66. Here we go again with Desantis crying. He was vindictive when Disney spoke out (they shouldn’t have) and out smarted him (deserved). This is petty. Is he trying to force their hand and cut more jobs? Should Disney back out of their Lake Nona plans? Future build outs? I feel stuck as an old school R (might now be considered a RINO). No longer supportive of the other guy and watching this play out I have concerns from a national level if Desantis was to secure the nom. Leaders should not operate through fear. Enough already.

  67. DeSantis is acting like a spoiled child who did not get his way. If I was a Florida resident, I would not vote for him the next time he runs for office. Has he given any thought about the Florida residents who use those roads to go back and forth to work? Is he punishing them also for living and working in Florida?

  68. Evidently the majority of people in Florida approve of their governor…Disney, on the other hand, needs to stay out of politics. So I agree…as a stockholder, DVC member, and annual passholder, Disney deserves what they’re dealing with at this point. Thought Iger would shape things up…but nope, not happening.

  69. The fools at Disney got themselves into this mess and recently dug their hole even deeper. No sympathy for Disney.

  70. desantis is such a tool. no ideas , no policy to make meaningful changes. just the red meat anti-woke stuff that effects almost no one. sad….

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