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Update for the Disney World Dining Promotion

Update for the Disney World Dining Promotion
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Time is ticking! You will not want to miss out on the current Walt Disney World dining promotion.

Disney Dining Plans

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Disney Dining Plans allowed guests to budget for meals before they actually took their vacations. This allowed them to enjoy meals without worrying about extra expenses on their trip. Before Disney world closed for Covid-19, Disney Dining Plans were exclusively available to Disney hotel guests.

The plans were booked in advance and offered flexibility to choose many different dining locations across the Walt Disney World Resort. Now, there’s a brand-new way to get “free” dining.

This new promotion is a bit different than the former Disney Dining Plan that many loved.

New Dining Promo

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In January, Disney released a new digital dining promo card for non-discounted room and ticket Disney World packages! To use this dining promo card, guests check in to a Disney-owned resort. The Disney Dining Promo will be sent to the guest associated with the reservation.

The advantage of a dollar amount instead of credits is “you can get more for your money” by choosing less expensive dining options.

The amount of the Disney Dining Promo depends upon which type of Disney Resort you will be staying at and based upon your arrival date. You can see a full listing of the promotions and applicable arrival dates HERE.

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When this information was first released, guests could begin to book this special dining promo on January 5, 2023. At that time, an end date was not set for this promotion. Now we have an end date. Guests have until March 27th to book this Disney dining promo card with non-discounted room and ticket Disney World packages.

You still have a little more time to make your final plans to book your next trip to Walt Disney World and take advantage of this dining promotion.

Guests have until March 27th to book this Disney dining promo card promotion.

What do you think of this dining promotion? Do you wish they would just bring back the former Dining Plan? Will you book the package to receive this dining promotion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


  1. That is a terrible idea. We are going this summer and if they don’t have a real dining plan by then we honestly may cancel and go elsewhere. I simply don’t want to worry about costs with food and our family while there. A giftcard you are still counting dollars. The “magic” is just eating and knowing you paid already for it all.

  2. Not ok with that dinning plan should be like it was. Seeing that Disney is not doing anything for the customer but just a way to make money
    We have to see what happens

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