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25th Anniversary of it’s a small world Holiday

25th Anniversary of it's a small world Holiday
Credit: Marisol

“Joy to the World” as this beloved holiday Disney attraction celebrates its 25th anniversary. Read on to learn more about how the joyous celebration is extending itself throughout the attraction itself and where to find them!

“it’s a small world” Holiday Attraction

Credit: Marisol

Although the attraction first opened in 1966, this year, the “it’s a small world” holiday overlay is celebrating its 25th anniversary after opening in 1997. To celebrate the joyous milestone, the attraction showcases the number 25 throughout the boat ride around the world, as well as Disney’s continued inclusivity, showcasing two of the iconic dolls in wheelchairs.

If you find yourself singing and humming along to its original catchy tune, wait until you experience the musical rendition during the holiday. Every holiday season, the holiday overlay is filled with decorations, seasonal costumes and two holiday carols, “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls”. The songs are interwoven with the original song for the attraction, “it’s a small world” as guests set sail.

Locating the 25’s

Credit: Marisol

Upon riding the attraction, I, (Marisol) was informed that the “25’s” can be found in 12 different locations inside, and 1 on the outside of the attraction. All twelve “25’s” inside the attraction represent the 12 Days of Christmas!

Challenge accepted! The first time I rode the attraction, I was only able to locate about eight of them. Not so easy! By my third ride around the world, I found all of them. Here are where the 25’s can be located.

  • 1.At the beginning of the attraction, a child is holding a balloon with the number 25.
  • 2. Santa’s address is “25.”
  • 3. In England, one of the gift labels reads: “Do not open until the 25th.”
  • 4. Abu is holding an ornament featuring the number 25.
  • 5. In Africa, the “25” can be found in the garland as part of the décor.
  • 6. In Mexico, one of the paper lanterns features the number 25.
Credit: Marisol
  • 7. In the Jingle Shells scene with Ariel, the 25 is featured on the Loch Ness monster’s necklace.
  • 8. Make sure not to blink while staring at Elvis who is holding a 25 while surfing the high seas with Lilo and Stitch.
  • 9. Situated next to the hula girl scenes, guests will find a pair of “25” coconuts.
  • 10. In America, one of the gophers pops up and out of his hole while holding a “25.”
  • 11. The final scene showcases a penguin balancing a ball with a 25.
  • 12. Leaving the attraction, guest will find a stamp with a “25.”
  • 13. Outside the attraction, the clock tower which provides the time will showcase the 2 and 5 in gold while the other numbers are in different colors.
Credit: Marisol

“it’s a small world” Holiday returns as part of the Disney Holidays at the Disneyland Resort which take place from November 11, 2022 – January 8, 2023.

Do you think you could find all the 25’s located in this year’s “its’ a small world” Holiday attraction celebrating its 25th anniversary? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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