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Another Example Of How Disney Cast Members Truly Make The Magic

Another Example Of How Disney Cast Members Truly Make The Magic
Credit: Monica

Disney Parks offer so much to the guests through attractions, technology, and the best accommodations. However, it is the people that set the company apart. I (Joe) recently had an awesome experience with my family at one ride thanks to amazing cast members.

Disney Cast Members

Credit: Monica

Without the great cast members, you could argue that Disney Parks would be just another amusement park. However, the cast members are what make the difference for guests whether they are relaxing in their hotel lobby or getting into a roller coaster. Great rides at the parks are made even better by the cast members. Rise of the Resistance and Tower of Terror are two examples that come to my mind.

At most theme parks, the employees do not become part of the story or enhance the storytelling. At Disney Parks, they do! This is another reason that it was refreshing hearing Bob Iger’s comments on returning the focus on the creativity of the company. I know he was referring to more than the parks, but it is important for guest experience that the creative side is always a focus.

Haunted Mansion

Credit: KtP Writer Joe

Disney World’s Haunted Mansion is a classic attraction that has stood the test of time at the park. It is certainly on our must-do list each time we visit. The details, narration, and special effects come together to make a great experience. It is the perfect balance of eeriness and fun. It is not a surprise that this is an attraction at Magic Kingdom that was one of Walt’s ideas.

You can learn about The Haunted Mansion’s many amazing details from Susan’s recent article HERE.

The details, technology, and storytelling storytelling come together for a great attraction. But do you know what else makes this a great ride? The cast members! The cast members immerse themselves into the story and provide an added element that makes the ride even better. My family and I recently had an awesome experience with the cast members of the Haunted Mansion.

Amazing Experience

Haunted Mansion Queue with “13” minute wait time. Credit: KtP writer Joe

On our recent visit, we were in the Magic Kingdom until park closing. We tried to fit in as many rides as possible. We arrived to the Haunted Mansion right as they put the chain in front of the queue entrance. The cast member saw us and opened up the line for us, and I’m really glad they did. That was the first positive part of this experience.

We walked through the ride queue as the last guests of the night and were met by two cast members who directed us into the first waiting room. There was one other family of three there already that seemed kind of happy that we arrived. They seemed a little creeped out at that point!

My daughter was wearing a pair of Tower of Terror ears, and one of the cast members shouted “wrong ears!” As we entered the stretching room, more cast members followed us into the room. Each time the lights came on during the stretching room sequence, the cast members were in different places around the room!

Credit: Monica

Each time the lights came on the cast members creepily stared at all of us, fully in character. They somehow managed to quickly move around the room all while remaining “dead” silent. It made for a fun, and at times startling, experience.

As we headed towards our Doom Buggies, the cast members all waved goodbye to us in their lifeless manner. We thought that was where the fun with the cast ended. However, the first time our Doom Buggies rotated sideways we were startled to find out that some of the cast were riding in Doom Buggies behind us! The cast were still staring at us with their creepy, expressionless faces throughout the ride. When we got off the ride, we had one final wave goodbye.

Credit: Susan

The cast members made our last ride of the night a memorable one. It was something that was certainly not necessary for the cast. They easily could have let us in, moved us through the stretching room, and sent us on our way. The cast went out of their way to make our experience memorable and we appreciated that!

My only regret is that I did not snap any pictures or get names. To the cast members working The Haunted Mansion at park closing on Thanksgiving night- Thank you!

Have you had any fun or exciting interactions with cast members recently? Do you have a story of where the cast members went above and beyond?  Let us know in the comments and on Facebook!

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