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A Disney World Resort floods and Guests evacuate

A Disney World Resort floods and Guests evacuate
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Even The Most Magical Place on Earth is not immune to some not so magical situations. One Disney World Resort flooded and forced Guests to evacuate.

All Star Movies

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Like the term “value resort” implies, All-Star resorts rely heavily on cost and theme. Value resorts are the cheapest of the Disney World resorts, so if you are visiting Disney on a tight budget you will want to start by pricing out the value resorts.

The value resorts are also great if you only plan to sleep and shower in your room and spend your days in the parks. Many “rope drop to close” Guests book cheaper rooms because they do not plan to spend any time in their rooms or at the resort.

Value resorts are also more heavily “Disney themed” than the moderate and deluxe resorts. Because of the larger than life statues and Disney characters throughout the resort, families with young children love value resorts. Nothing says “I’m at a Disney hotel” like seeing a giant Woody statue right outside your room!


Credit: Monica

One incident took place earlier this week that was not so magical. In the Lovebug section of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, a water pipe burst and caused flooding in hotel rooms. The entire first floor of the Lovebug building was affected. The water did not look too deep, but it was certainly not acceptable to stay in.

Shortly after 10:00 pm, Disney Cast Members relocated all the Guests who were staying on the first floor to other rooms. To make matters worse, it was raining during this time. Nothing screams magic like packing up all your belongings and moving in the rain! In the grand scheme of things, this incident could have been much worse and we are thankful it wasn’t!

Credit: Monica

The first floor of Lovebug Section of Disney’s All-Star Movies flooded. Guests evacuated to other rooms.

Incidents like this do happen (like at the Boardwalk, Magic Kingdom, and All-Star Movies AGAIN, and for example). It’s important

Have you ever experienced something like this while at Disney? Share your experience with us in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. When were staying at Old Key West last September, we had a leak coming from the upstairs bathroom in to our tub.
    We had to pack up and move at 1 a.m. we ended up with a room farther away from the Hospitality House.
    It was an inconvenience…but it wasn’t a huge deal.

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