Home Disney News A massive standby line is getting bigger and bigger for Fantasmic!

A massive standby line is getting bigger and bigger for Fantasmic!

A massive standby line is getting bigger and bigger for Fantasmic!
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Would you want to wait in this massive “line” for Fantasmic! tonight? It’s getting bigger and bigger!


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Fantasmic! is a nighttime show performed at Disneyland, Hollywood Studios, and Tokyo DisneySea. The premise of the show is that Mickey is transported into a dream where he dances along with music, lighting effects, and pyrotechnics. Various characters and scenes from popular Disney movies are part of the sequence as well.

The show takes a bad turn as Mickey is asked to enter the darker realms of his imagination. Maleficent turns out to be the mastermind behind the trap as she wishes to take over Mickey’s dream. Various villains are part of this sequence as he fights the evil dragon.

The show is wildly popular, even before the park closure. The show has been dark for almost 3 years, and Guests are definitely ready to see it.

BIG crowds

Credit: KtP

Guests attempted to line up early this morning shortly after the park opened. Yes, the show performs tonight and people are already trying to secure their spot!

They were not able to do so because of Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage. The area needed to be clear in case of fire, hazard, or other emergency. Cast Members turned Guests away until the last show of the evening (5:00 pm).

Now that the last show is over, all of Sunset Boulevard is filled with people. And I mean ALL! There is barely any room to walk if you are trying to get to attractions. In fact, the standby line is starting to turn onto Hollywood Boulevard. Will it reach the park entrance? It’s possible.

Credit: KtP

It is very chaotic tonight at Hollywood Studios with no virtual queue for Fantasmic!

Above is a look at Sunset Boulevard up close to the entrance of the amphitheater. As a reminder, Disney is not offering Lightning Lane access or dining packages at the moment. The ONLY way to see the show tonight is via this massive standby line. There are two showtimes tonight, so hopefully Disney can accommodate this crowd of people.

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