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A disappointing change for Akershus in Epcot

A disappointing change for Akershus in Epcot
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This is such a bummer!


Akershus norway guide
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Located in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot, Akershus is a character dining experience. Join various princess inside a medieval castle as you feast on a smorgasbord of American and Norwegian food. Booking a meal here was an excellent strategy to meet several princesses like Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, and Princess Aurora and enjoy a sit-down meal.

Unfortunately, Akershus has not been serving Guests since March 2020. It remained closed even when the parks reopened in July of that year. However, Disney and Florida Blue opened a lounge at this location in the fall of 2021.

Many princesses meet inside Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.


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We just learned yesterday that Disney is reopening the restaurant on November 4! With Cinderella’s Royal Table a modified character experience, we are happy to see princesses meeting Guests around Akershus Banquet hall.

Reservations will open on October 24, and we are sure they will go fast. If you want some tips to score hard to get reservations, check out my post HERE.

Akershus reopens on November 4 with reservations available on October 24.


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Yesterday, we noticed a few changes but not enough apparently. First, we learned that Akershus is no longer a buffet meal. Instead, the meal will be served family-style upon reopening.

Second, Disney is also serving a few new American dishes at dinner to please less adventurous taste buds. Previously, dinner was all Norwegian food. Now, Guests can enjoy dishes like salmon, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.

Third, the price of the meal jumped up to $63/adult and $41/child. However, Disney still had breakfast prices up on their website. Now, the entire breakfast menu is no longer on the Disney website.

Credit: Monica

The big disappointing change is that Disney will no longer offer breakfast at Akershus. It appears this change was made after they made the original announcement yesterday. Or, we did not catch it in time before posting our original article. Either way, we are sorry to bear this bad news to you!

Akershus will no longer offer breakfast upon reopening. This means there are NO table-service restaurants in Epcot that offer breakfast.

What do you think of this change? Will you try dinner, or did you prefer breakfast? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. Tbh, it doesn’t matter. The magic is gone. The fun and excitement that made it Disney has been extinguished. The fascinating aura is dead and buried. I’m sorry but I doubt Disney will ever return to the truly fantastic, magical place it was for so many decades. Everyone I know, including myself, is done with Disney. Bob Paycheck has gutted it and I highly, seriously doubt it can ever be restored. RIP, Diz.

  2. I’m pretty happy with the family style change. This was one thing I really wanted to do for my daughter’s 7th birthday so I am glad it’s back in any form. I also like the menu for my picky eater husband & 7yo. The previous menu would have been a harder sell tbh. I was hoping for breakfast on our last day but dinner on our first Epcot day will work just fine. Hope I get it!

  3. The cold board at lunch was a big part of eating there for us. Family style is okay, but they did have some more interesting dishes. I would point out that they had salmon and mashed potatoes previously so they are not new.

  4. More same old same old you can get at any Disney restaurant. The Norwegian food was fun! The cold course buffet was a nice touch. Thx, boring bean counters who have taken over Disney

  5. Booooo. It’s getting more and more difficult to get breakfast in the parks. In June Sunshine Seasons in The Land wasn’t even serving breakfast. Very disappointing

  6. Seems like Disney doesn’t care about customer satisfaction these days. I understand change is necessary but this is no longer the place for my family or money.

  7. Figures, breakfast wasn’t on the app yesterday. Breakfast was the best meal there. Took too long to open , now this. Goodbye Akershus.

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