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Here is when we should hear an announcement for Fantasmic!

Here is when we should hear an announcement for Fantasmic!

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Disney World promised us Fantasmic! in 2022. We are only a few months away from that deadline, and we have a pretty good idea when we should hear a reopening announcement. It’s sooner than you think!


Credit: KtP

The Fantasmic! show has delighted Guests since 1992 (with a closure in 2016). This show has remained closed since the reopening of the parks.

In November 2021, we shared that Fantasmic! will be returning in 2022. Disney shared that Fantasmic! will reopen with a few changes. The new Fantasmic! show will feature “new animation, water effects, and everything that we love about Fantasmic!.” Be sure to check out the details for these new show scenes HERE.

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In addition to a different show, work is taking place to add new lighting and audio systems and rebuild Steamboat Mickey. This will definitely create a better experience for Guests in the amphitheater.

Firework and music testing is now taking place at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater for Fantasmic! This is a HUGE step forward. Fantasmic! is quite the production with a huge cast and many moving parts, but this is a positive sign that we are inching closer to a reopening timeline.

Announcement coming soon?

Screenshot: MDE

While we were really hoping to hear an announcement at the D23 Expo in September for a possible October 1 opening…those clearly did not come to fruition.

First, it’s worth noting that the show page on MDE has changed recently! Just yesterday (October 11), it showed the calendar with no availability. However, today, there is no calendar but a message that reads “There are no showtimes today.” It appears Disney is updating the webpage…possibly to include showtimes?!

Credit: KtP

Disney World is expected to announce a reopening date this week! With rehearsals, firework testing, and music heard from outside the parks, we are closer than ever to the return of this amazing show.

Additionally, it is also expected that the show will return during the first half of November 2022, although we cannot confirm that. Take that as you will and treat it as a rumor for the time being.

It is speculated that Disney World will announce the reopening of Fantasmic! this week. The show may return during the first half of November.

What do you make of this news? Are you hopeful we will actually see the show before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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