Home Disney News Enjoy even more touches of Encanto at Disney World!

Enjoy even more touches of Encanto at Disney World!

Enjoy even more touches of Encanto at Disney World!
Credit: Disney

More Encanto is coming to Disney World!

Encanto’s Success

Credit: KtP

If you have not seen the film or caught the previews, Encanto introduces audiences to the Madrigal family. This magical family lives hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a delightful place called Encanto. The magic of the Encanto blessed every child in the family with a unique gift, except Mirabel. However, she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger and realizes she could be the only hope.

Disney really knocked it out of the park with this one! Encanto is wildly successful with an amazing storyline, catchy songs, and sweet and quirky Mirabel. I don’t believe Disney has seen such success since Frozen in 2012. Wouldn’t it be great to see more Encanto in the theme parks?

More Encanto in the Parks

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Currently, Mirabel meets at Disneyland Resort in California, and she is part of the Adventure Friends cavalcade at Disney World in Florida. We have gotten little touches here and there of Encanto in the form of Magic Shots, murals, gardens, and a possible attraction retheme!

In celebration of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage month, Disney World debuts an Encanto bus wrap!

Credit: Susan

“We may not talk about Bruno, but we’re definitely talking about our new “Encanto” bus wrap! The film celebrates the vibrancy of Hispanic and Latin cultures, and our Cast Members were among the first to see the new wrap before it officially joins our Walt Disney World fleet this Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. Be sure to look for these wraps on your next drive around Walt Disney World!” – Walt Disney World Cast and Community on Facebook

According to the description, it looks like we only have one design, but it will be on multiple buses! Snap a photo and share it with us if you see it at Disney World! See a photo of it below:

Credit: Walt Disney World Cast and Community on Facebook

Do you love Encanto? What do you think of its representation in the theme parks? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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