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Introducing Disney Munchlings- New Plush Line

Introducing Disney Munchlings- New Plush Line
Credit: Disney

They are sweet and come straight from the Main Street Bakery. Read on to learn more about these bite size plushies and their availability for purchase.

Main Street Bakery Story

Credit: Disney

This morning, Disney shared the story of Master Baker Pierre Dumonet who on one particular day as the sun was setting over Main Street he was adding his final sweet touches to his creations.

As he hung his apron and left the bakery, Pierre accidentally closed the door a little too hard, causing several jars and bottles to topple over. A small bottle of magic spilled out onto his delicious concoctions below, creating the Disney Munchlings!

This latest plush collection takes iconic sweet treats and transforms them into fan-favorite characters. The Disney Munchlings will debut with three scented collections: Sweet Treats, Baked Treats and Frozen Treats.

Credit: Disney

The Sweet Treats collection includes Mickey and Friends as they receive a candy makeover. Cool Mint Mickey Mouse, Peanut Butter Swirl Cup Pluto, Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffle Chip and Dale, Peppermint Meringue Hard Candy Minnie and Chocolate Brownie Bar Goofy are part of the sweet line up. Just make sure not to eat them!

Disney Munchlings Collections

Credit: Disney

The Baked Goods Munchlings line up include Pooh, Eeyore, Stitch, and Baymax whereas the Frozen Delights Disney Munchlings include none other than fan favorite Disney Villains featuring Oogie Boogie, Hades, Lotso, Maleficent, Pain and Panic and Kaa the Snake.

Available in two different sizes, the 5-inch Disney Munchlings will be available in blind bags for $16.99 while the 15-inch plush will retail for $34.99. Additionally, special drops and chef co-labs will be available to purchase for $19.99. There will also be special mystery characters in the blind bags.

The Disney Munchlings will be available this Friday, Sept. 9 at the D23 Expo Marketplace and on shopdisney.com They will make their debut at Disneyland on Monday, September 12 and then will make their way to Walt Disney World later this month.

Will you be purchasing a Disney Munchling? Which of the three collection has caught your sweet tooth? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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  1. I just received my very first medium/jumbo-sized munching for Christmas and I love it. Best of all, she smells fabulous! It was a wild strawberry-flavored/scented cupcake of Minnie Mouse!

  2. The prices are INSANE… and they’re no big deal!! Why does Disney always have to change something when it’s not broken?? Wishables are still extremely popular… and just like they did with tsum tsums, you just suddenly stopped without even giving your loyal fans a heads-up. I know I WON’T be spending that kind of money on a plush! This is a HUGE mistake… guess you’ll have to learn the hard way…

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