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If you love totchos you need to try Disney’s fantastic corn chip pie

If you love totchos you need to try Disney's fantastic corn chip pie
Credit: Susan

Don’t miss this delicious snack! Take a look at pictures and see why you don’t want to miss corn chip pie on your next Disney World visit.

Dino Diner

Credit: Susan

To find this spot, go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Once inside, pass through the Dino-Rama! sign to enter Dinoland.

Look for the adorable “trailer” restaurant near the Midway games. It’s such a cute dining spot! However, this is a walk-up dining location with no nearby seating. I (Susan) found a shady seat at Restaurantosaurus nearby to enjoy my corn chip pie.

Credit: Susan

Not only is the diner itself adorable, just take a look at the tiny cart above where guests pick up utensils and condiments. Although this location isn’t on the main path, it is worth seeking out on your next visit!


Credit: Susan

Since this is a small dining location, the menu is kept simple. There are 4 food items available here: corn chip pie, Walt’s chili and cheese foot-long hot dog, a regular all-beel hot dog, and churros with chocolate sauce.

In addition, you can find assorted non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages here. Check out my review of the Walt’s chili and cheese foot-long hot dog purchased at Restaurantosaurus HERE.

Corn Chip Pie

Credit: Susan

First of all, if youj’ve never tried Walt’s chili, you’re missing out! I consider myself very picky about chili, and Walt’s recipe is one of the best I’ve ever tried! If you love it too, check out the recipe HERE.

Although the Corn Chip Pie is simple, it is filling, fresh, and delicious. Stacked on top of Fritos, you’ll enjoy a plentiful portion of Walt’s chili, shredded cheese, and jalepe├▒os on the side. Although I love totchos, the substitution of Fritos rather than tater tots makes this dish a more traditional nacho choice.

What do you think about the Corn Chip Pie? Will you give it a try next time you visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Will you try the Corn Chip Pie with Walt’s Chili? If so, which dish will you try? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on Facebook.

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