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Dining options are more limited at Disney World’s Boardwalk right now

Dining options are more limited at Disney World's Boardwalk right now
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Disney’s Boardwalk is undergoing a big reimagining. New restaurants and experiences are on the way, but unfortunately, multiple things are closing as well.

Disney’s Boardwalk

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The BoardWalk Resort is one of the most unique resorts in all of Disney World! Not only is it a full hotel, but the actual boardwalk offers fun entertainment and plenty of dining choices as well.

Described as a resort that evokes turn-of-the-century boardwalks in coastal cities such as Coney Island and Atlantic City, the BoardWalk Resort has a theme that sets it apart from the rest – from the Nanny chairs to (now retired) clown pool.

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New Plans

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Back in March, Disney announced new dining options and a makeover at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. The ESPN Club is currently being demolished right now to make room for The Cake Bake Shop.

Through the doors of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, light and airy touches will added to the lobby and lounge and guest rooms, carrying the seaside breeze right inside. Just off the lobby, a new coffee bar with artisanal beverages and quick bites will be available to-go or in newly refreshed seating spaces inside or outdoors.

BoardWalk Deli

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On top of these plans, Disney also will also convert the Boardwalk Bakery into the Boardwalk Deli. “Opening this summer at Disney’s Boardwalk: BoardWalk Deli, a Northeastern-style deli with a brand-new menu that will include fresh deli sandwiches, fresh baked breads, and a selection of bakery items.”

Since this restaurant will take over the Boardwalk Bakery, Disney has to close it to make the changes. That’s right, the Boardwalk Bakery is now closed. You can find a few menu options at the Pizza Window, but that leaves even less dining options at the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Bakery is now closed to make room for the BoardWalk Deli.

Are you excited for the BoardWalk’s overhaul, or do you prefer it the way it was? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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