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NEW: Disney closes a portion of Epcot attraction

NEW: Disney closes a portion of Epcot attraction
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We are not sure if or when Disney will reopen it.

Living with the Land

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Living with the Land is a slow and gentle boat attraction located in World Nature. Nearby attractions include Soarin’ and Awesome Planet. Guests will see firsthand how Walt Disney World horticulturists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding crops to help feed the planet.


Credit: KtP

Even better: you can enjoy the food that is grown at the Living with the Land attraction during your stay at Epcot! Both Sunshine Seasons and Garden Grill Restaurant serve fresh produce and seafood from the farm!

Be sure to look for the Mickey pumpkin and fun festival overlays! Also be sure to look for this closure the next time you are on the ride.

Biotechnology Lab Closed

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While you’re riding through the attractions, you will enter various scenes including a farm, a rainforest, and then the “living laboratory.” This is where Guests learn all about futurist farming techniques.

Inside the Creative Greenhouse is the Biotechnology Lab where researchers learn all about crop improvement. Unfortunately, this area is now closed off to Guests. You can see in the photo above that a black screen covers the windows, and there is a simple Walt Disney quote.

“I believe in being an innovator.”

Walt Disney
Credit: Donna

Who knows what is happening on the other side of those blacked out windows. It’s possible work is still being done, or it could be empty now. We are unsure when/if Disney will reopen this part of the attraction.

Do you love Living with the Land? What are your thoughts on this closure? Do you think it will come back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and on Facebook. You can also join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion there.

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  1. It’s a wonderful ride. I love it so much. However the entire ride is due for a refresh. Some of the animatronics are in disrepair, and some of the effects are not in full function. Also you can spot several areas of just wear and tear in this classic ride. I love it so much, and hate to see it in this state. It should be refreshed as regularly as some of the other nostalgic rides such as “It’s a small world” and “Peter pan”.

  2. I was in Epcot on June 29 and there was an actual line for Living with the Land! We waited for about 20 minutes to get on a boat. I was both happy and sad about this.

  3. I love this ride and this part in particular. I truly hope they reopen this part of the rides its so important to our future.

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