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The Ultimate Disney Meal to Enjoy on the Go

The Ultimate Disney Meal to Enjoy on the Go
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Want to enjoy a Disney meal on the go? We have you covered! You don’t want to miss this review.

50th Anniversary Festivities

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Walt Disney World began “The “World’s Most Magical Celebration” last October. When the celebration began, a great line of 50th Anniversary food, snacks, and treats was offered. At the beginning of 2022, Disney allowed Instagram users to vote on the next 50th Anniversary food items.

Over the course of time, some of these food items have remained while others were for a limited time only. This has allowed for even more fun 50th Anniversary food items. Today, join us as we try one of the newest 50th Anniversary menu items.

“The Walking Taco”

Credit: KtP

The newest 50th Anniversary meal is now being served at Pecos Bill in Frontierland. This is the ultimate meal to enjoy on the go. Your meal is served in a Frito chip bag and is cleverly named “The Walking Taco.” Many guests may have enjoyed this type of meal while camping or at summer camps. So how does the Pecos Bill version measure up?

The menu describes this dish as “Seasoned ground beef, yellow rice, black beans, cheddar, jalape├▒o, tomato, sour cream, and corn chips served in a bag.” What more could you ask for? The Walking Taco is available for $10.99 and can be purchased with mobile ordering.

Credit: KtP

Our own Kenny the Pirate tried out this new menu item. It has some assembly required on your part which is great for guests who may not want all items listed on their “Walking Taco”. Unfortunately, the cheese was missing from this meal, and Kenny had to go back and request this.

“The Walking Taco” is available for $10.99 at Pecos Bill in Frontierland.

Credit: KtP

It is a good amount of food for the price. Kenny shares that it has a good, fresh taste with plenty of large Fritos and a great deal of rice. Once you add in all of the additional condiments for your bag, you will be ready to jump in line for your next attraction.

What do you think of “The Walking Taco”? Do you enjoy dining at Pecos Bill while at Magic Kingdom? Do you like grabbing food on the go or prefer a table service meal at the Disney Parks? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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