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New update makes big improvements for Disney Genie

New update makes big improvements for Disney Genie
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Have you been frustrated with Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lanes? Check out the new update that will make your next park day even easier.

Disney Genie

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In October 2021, Walt Disney World unveiled the Disney Genie. This provides guests with a free tip board with the Dinsey Genie. Disney Genie+ is a one-day fee add-on where you can access even more attractions with shorter wait times for $15.98 (including tax) per day per Guest. Finally, the third option of Individual Lightning Lane where guests can purchase return times for select attractions.

You are not alone if this sounds confusing and a bit like an infomercial. Finally, after roughly nine months, an update will finally make navigating the Disney Genie system a bit easier.

Purchasing Disney Genie+

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There were quite a few Disney bus rides where complete strangers would help one another navigate through the My Disney Experience app trying to purchase Disney Genie+ before the 7:00 am window for Disney Resort guests to make their first Lightning Lane selection.

When you select “Tip Board” from the menu selection, you will now notice that at the very top of the screen is a link to purchase Disney Genie+ for the day.

A new update to version 7.10 on the My Disney Experience app has now made this even easier. When you select “Tip Board” from the menu selection, you will now notice that at the very top of the screen is a link to purchase Disney Genie+ for the day. This new link now makes it even easier to start your day.

Park Selection

Credit: MDE Screenshot

Also at the top of the “Tip Board” screen, you can select your park for the day. Previously once you selected your park for the day, it would automatically default back to the Magic Kingdom. This was a bit frustrating to have to select your park each time while using the My Disney Experience app.

It seems a simple solution that could have been made back in October 2021, but this is a definite improvement.

Return Window

Credit: Screenshot MDE app

Previously, when you made a Lightning Lane selection it would show that this attraction was booked, but it would show you the current return time rather than the return time that you have booked.

Now when guests look at their Tip Board, it will show that they have booked the attraction and also show the one-hour return time for that Lighting Lane selection. Again this seems like something that should have been addressed back in October 2021, but we are thankful that this update has been made.

What do you think of Disney Genie? Do you think these updates will make your next trip smoother? What other updates do you think need to be added for Disney Genie? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I rarely park hop, because it seems like an inefficient waste of time to get in and out of more than one park each day. However, during Covid when they’re wasn’t any shows being performed, if there wasn’t enough to do at just one park, then I would park hop. But now, I rarely bother park hopping. Even so, it’s nice to have the option.

  2. Nightmare. We are coming from UK in November and i am dreading having to negotiate this app. Up at stupid o’clock in the morning to try and book something, not to mention the additional cost over the extortionate ticket price. If we hadn’t booked and paid we would cancel. All my family loved Disney before this malarky and not 1 of my kids and their families are planning to go preferring to spend their hard earned on a holiday where the people don’t try to shaft you at every opportunity. I k ow fastpass will never come back and I know people are still flocking to the parks so us coming or not won’t make any difference to Disney but it’s so sad my grandchildren will never get to see the magic that once was.

  3. Agreed. Not many want to start their vacation by getting up by 7 am to start making plans.

    Another thing…with the fast pass system you were able to book three rides a day…anytime of the day. So this could spread the crowd around throughout the day. Now everyone has to start first thing in the morning…thus leading to rides being either booked or with long lines.

    The whole system makes no sense. But then neither does the board renewing Chapek’s contract.

  4. Maybe for skilled Genie people – who have been dealing with this chaotic system since day 1 – it may sound better. For novice guests, it still sounds horrible. It makes no sense that months ahead of time you have to reserve a park day, but when it comes to choosing a ride – you have to wait until 7AM the day of the ride! Why can’t you reserve at least 2 rides at the same time you reserve the park? This would ease the over crowding computer system, as well as relieve stress for the vacationers. None of Disney systems makes sense.

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