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New Transportation Option Announced Near Walt Disney World

New Transportation Option Announced Near Walt Disney World
Credit: Brightline

Buckle up and hold on to your seats because the Brightline saga is not over.


Brightline High Speed Rail to begin testing this week
Credit to owner

Brightline is a new service that would give travelers flying into Orlando another option. Orlando International Airport airport is currently adding another terminal to accommodate the train. Once open, it will serve as the hub for the new Brightline train route running from Miami to Orlando. There are also plans in the works for the expansion of this train service throughout Orlando and to Tampa.

As of now, Brightline is over 80% finished. So far, the company has rails running north of Miami, Brevard County and to the Orlando International Airport. It is scheduled to open sometime in 2023. One of the trains recently arrived at Orlando International Airport.

Disney Cancels Plans

Brightline High Speed Rail to begin testing this week
Credit to owner

Just yesterday, we shared that Disney has canceled plans for the Brightline service from the airport to Disney Springs. Since the ending of Disney’s Magic Express service, guests are limited to options such as MEARS, Sunshine Flyer or using a ride share service.

With so many travelers coming to and from Disney World, it would make sense to give them even more options.

New Plans

Today, Brightline announced plans for another new station that will be located at the Orange County Convention Center and an alternative station will be located near the original Disney Springs site. Since the new site will be near the original site, it is not on Disney-owned land.

Brightline has announced there will be a new station located near the original Disney Springs site for guests to use.

This is exciting news for all guests visiting Walt Disney World and Orlando, Florida!

What do you think of the plans announced from Brightline today? Do you think you will utilize this option when visiting Walt Disney World? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. I think Disney is losing loyal fans because they keep taking things away and charging more for things that used to be free …. Like Magic Express. This was my first trip without out after going almost every year for the last 16 years. And probably my last for that loss of service. Really took some of the magic away

  2. So I wish, but not likely. I see this is get my family on a train. Get dropped off and take a bus or Uber to our hotel. So two rounds of transportation. Quite literally is planes, trains and automobiles.

  3. I have been curious as to whether the property formally known as “crossroads “shopping center will be the site of the Brightline train station? The proximity to Disney Springs is ideal, and off Disney property.They closed the whole shopping plaza and started demolition about six months ago.

  4. Disney had no choice but to back out. The dust up between the Governor and Disney was enough for Disney to not get involved in government backed projects and you don’t invite the government on your land when you don’t get along. Go at it alone Disney and start the buses back

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