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Disney Closes An Attraction Due To Possible Ride Vehicle Fire

Disney Closes An Attraction Due To Possible Ride Vehicle Fire
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It was reported by guests last night that a popular ride had closed in the evening due to a “temporary closure”. The ride is still closed and a possible fire may be to blame.

Radiator Springs Racers

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Radiator Springs Racers first opened on June 15, 2012 and has been a popular attraction for guests. As of late last night, May 24, various guests reported that the attraction had closed early due to a possible ride vehicle fire.

Guests who were eyewitnesses reported that a ride vehicle had come to a stop right after the finish line while guests onboard were yelling to Cast Members to be left off the ride. A back bumper was reportedly misaligned, and black smoking came from the vehicle along with the smell of burning rubber. Guests on the vehicle were quickly evacuated from the vehicle.

Credit: KTP Writer

As of today, May 25, 2022 Cast Members had informed guests that the Radiator Springs Racers attraction is closed for the entire day. Today, the smoking vehicle was not visible to the public. It may be possible that the vehicle has been removed.

Additionally, guests who are in the parks today received the followed message on the Disneyland app:

Credit: Donna

Pardon the Inconvenience: On behalf of the team at Disney California Adventure we apologize that Radiator Springs Racers is unavailable today. We are sorry you are not able to experience this attraction on your visit. We hope you will some of our other attractions during your park experience today.

At the moment we do not if Radiator Springs Racers will reopen tomorrow at Disneyland California Adventure Park.

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