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First Look at MagicBand+ from Inside Disney Parks

First Look at MagicBand+ from Inside Disney Parks
Credit: Donna


Are you excited for the MagicBand+? You will not want to miss this video as we will show you the amazing features of this new MagicBand offering.

What is MagicBand+?

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Back in September 2021, the Walt Disney Company announced that they would redesign the classic MagicBand. The new MagicBand+ will allow Guests to interact with the Fab50 character statues that can now be found in ALL 4 of the Theme Parks.  Check out how preparation can already been seen for the MagicBand+ in the Parks HERE.

This newly designed band will also light up and even vibrate depending on where you are located in the Parks. It appears someone over at Disney got really excited about MagicBand+ because it popped up in the parks early on May 1.

People were finding it at World of Disney in Disney Springs. Only 3 plain colored bands were available for $29.99. According to several reports, Disney pulled the bands from shelves because this was an error! DisneyBand+ will be available for purchase in June 2022. We can’t wait to be able to try these new MagicBands out for ourselves.

Amazing Interactions

Credit: Donna

Okay, so what is really so special about the MagicBand+? In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests will soon be able to complete missions by searching for virtual bounties. Be sure to check out this fully interactive experience HERE.

MagicBand+ interacts with each of the Fab 50 statues that are located throughout all 4 Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

The interactive element that many guests are interested in is the 50th-anniversary statues. These golden statues can be found at all 4 Theme Parks and will interact when you wave your MagicBand+ in front of them.

Credit: Donna

The Walt Disney World Ambassadors brought a bit of magic to a few Cast Members as they all went on a “MagicBand+ Disney Fab 50 Quest.” In the video below, you can hear a few of the special interactions with statues throughout the Magic Kingdom. It is truly amazing to see this new technology at work in the parks.

Is anyone else crying happy tears after watching that video? Who knew that these statues could bring so much joy and happiness? I (Donna) can’t wait to hear what each of these statues will say during my next trip to Walt Disney World.

Do you plan to purchase the MagicBand+? Which Fab 50 statue will you be heading to first with your new MagicBand+? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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