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The Orlando Airport responds to new mask mandate ruling

The Orlando Airport responds to new mask mandate ruling
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Will you need to wear a mask at the Orlando International Airport? The airport has responded.

Mask Mandate

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Love them or hate them, masks have been a part of life for the majority of the last two years. While many states have dropped requirements, federal law has required them on public transportation. Disney only recently dropped their requirements in the last several weeks.

A federal judge in Florida ruled yesterday that the CDC overstepped its authority when it issued a mask mandate for planes and other forms of public transportation.

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The decision Monday by U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa also said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention improperly failed to justify its decision and did not follow proper rule making.

Due to this ruling, the TSA can no longer enforce a federal mask mandate at airports and on flights.

Airlines Drop their Mandates

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Several airlines have since dropped any mask policy on their flights including Southwest, Delta, and and American. You can see that story HERE.

Since then, more airlines and even ride share companies like Uber have released statements saying masks are no longer required when using their services.

Orlando Airport Statement

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If you are heading to Disney World or other Orlando attraction soon, you may be wondering if the Orlando International Airport will still ask travelers to wear masks while in the airport.

The Great Orlando Aviation Authority released the following:

“Following a Federal Court decision and updated directives from the Transportation Security Administration, the wearing of facial coverings will no longer be mandated at Orlando International Airport.

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The Great Orlando Aviation Authority will continue to remain vigilant in its efforts to promote a safe, secure and sanitized environment for its guests through the enhanced cleaning methods we’ve enacted over the course of the pandemic. However, the signage and messaging throughout the airport campus will be removed to support the current enforcement climate.

The CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings as a preventative measure against COVID-19. Each individual can proceed to wear a face mask if they feel it is important for their health and the health of their family. We can expect that some of our industry partners may require a mask be worn in our airports – and we need to respect that decision as well.”

Screenshot: Great Orlando Aviation Authority

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  1. I wore and continue to wear single double cloth paper treated mask. I don’t love it but it has kept me from getting these viruses so far. My Sebring fault has exposed me at some point. I’ve been ridiculed. I’ve been vaccinated and boosted. But the people who haven’t taken mask very serious all got sick and I even lost a sister that was unvaccinated and exposed. So unless you have REAL EVIDENCE THAT THEY ARE USELESS KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. People like that cause our youth to jump aboard without knowing all the facts

  2. Masks have never worked! Get over it! You don’t like it stay home! Same as for driving! Don’t like it stay home! Good thing the Pilgrims weren’t as soft as you or America would have never been discovered!

  3. Who said anyone was limited to wearing paper or cloth masks? N95 masks are available and they work quite well. Some choose to wear less effective masks of course, And the whole idea behind the “my body, my choice” principal in my opinion is just ludicrous. If wearing or not wearing a mask affected only the person involved it would certainly be up to them to make that choice. But by not wearing a mask, they put others at risk and help keep the virus spreading. It is no different from following a speed limit on the roads. You are prohibited from speeding why? Not because you may endanger yourself. It’s because your speeding could endanger those around you. Do you get on the roads and drive 100MPH because it’s your car and no one can tell you what to do with your car???

  4. The CDC spokeswoman said weeks ago that paper and cloth masks were nothing more than decoration. They DO NOT stop transmission- but hey, some people live Kabuki theater

  5. I think that if wearing a mask cuts down on transmission of the virus even a little bit, that is a good enough reason to ask people to wear them. Not because it is foolproof, not because it is a guarantee that the person will not spread or contract the virus, but because it will HELP to shorten the life of the pandemic. Yes, fewer people are dying, fewer people are hospitalized, but the longer the virus is allowed to keep spreading (even with softer consequences) the greater the chance that it will mutate into yet another varient. And this new varient could be a real potent killer. People talk about wearing a mask as though it was a life changing hardship. It is not. Have we all become such softees and whiners at the slightest thing? What happened to coming together as a community to work on the common good. Or is it “I’ll cooperate to help keep everyone safe, but only if I can stay comfy”

  6. I’d rather keep smelling my breath than getting other people’s spit in my mouth. I’ll keep the mask ON don’t need a mandate!

  7. We’re also vaccinated and boosted and will continue to mask in crowded spaces and on public transportation for a while. It’s the responsible thing to do. Masks DO help reduce the spread and there IS scientific proof!

  8. Amy, you need to verify the statements you just made because I do not believe they are correct. If you need me to point you to valid data that proves that masking does work please respond to this and I will do so. Thank you

  9. So much proof has come out that shows masks don’t work, but people still want their security blanket even though “science” doesn’t back it. All I can say is “About time!”, although as a free country we should have never complied then we wouldn’t have to ask our corrupt government permission to be a free people, free to make their own choices.

  10. I am fully vacinated and bolstered.Gey Rosie the masks.I wish more would get vacinated but I like the idea it’s up to the individual masks

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