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A new clue about Fantasmic’s reopening progress

A new clue about Fantasmic's reopening progress
Credit: Disney


We are all so eager for reopening of the fan favorite Hollywood Studio’s show, Fantasmic! Now, a new clue shows us the progress towards the show’s reopening.  Just how much longer will it be?


Credit: Disney

The Fantasmic! show has delighted Guests since 1992 (with a closure in 2016). This show, like other nighttime entertainment, has remained closed since the reopening of the parks. 

In November, we shared that Fantasmic! will be returning in 2022.  However, since that time, we have heard very little on the popular show’s reopening progress.

Disneyland President Ken Potrock shared why this show continues to be delayed:

“It just took longer to do. We were literally installing towers as of earlier this week. It’s just a much more intricate, complex mechanical endeavor. The teams have been working extraordinarily hard. Part of it was the fact that parts and workmanship at a lot of places that were happening off property were slowed by COVID. That all fit into the production.”

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

We got so excited in January when we learned Fantasmic! was testing!  We thought for sure we must be getting closer to reopening then.

Then, it was revealed that Fantasmic! was still going to open in 2022, but still no definitive date was given for a reopening.


New clue about reopening progress

Photo Credit: KtP Writer Christina

Now, we have a clue about just how close we might be to getting a reopening date for Fantasmic!

Twitter user @bioreconstruct shares a glimpse at what the Fantasmic! arena with the moat refilled on March 1 and what it currently looks like.

With the moat drained, it’s difficult to tell if if this is good news or not.  Is this a clue that the show will not be returning any time soon?  Or is this a sign that we are making great progress?

What are your thoughts on the drained Fantasmic! moat?  Do you think this means we are further out from a reopening date, or that it is good progress?  Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook.

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