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The New Prizes for the Epcot Egg Hunt are Here

The New Prizes for the Epcot Egg Hunt are Here

Epcot’s Egg-stravaganza prizes have arrived. But, there are not what we were expecting!


Credit: Katie

EPCOT’s Egg-stravaganza Scavenger Hunt began on March 31, 2022. Guests can purchase a scavenger hunt map for $9.99 at merchandise locations around Epcot and begin hunting for the special character egg sculptures hidden all throughout EPCOT.

Instead of picking up eggs and putting them in a basket, participants mark the locations where they spot the eggs on their maps with stickers. To read the full story, click here.

The Prizes

Credit: KtP

Of course, as it is with other scavenger hunts in Epcot, guests can redeem their completed map for a prize. Typically there are several to choose from. If you want them all, you can simply purchase additional maps.

In previous years, the prizes for the egg hunt were often Disney-themed Easter eggs. However, this year the prizes were not what we were egg-specting.

Prize Photos

credit: Katie

Instead of eggs, guests can redeem completed maps for cups. There are 3 different 16-ounce tumblers to choose from.

The cups have cute designs featuring the characters who serve as mascots for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, which is happening simultaneously.

Credit: Katie

Flower & Garden has its own scavenger hunt happening. You can read about it right here.

One of the cups features the ever-popular Orange Bird. He appears on a blue background.

Credit: Katie

The next one is yellow with Spike the Bee designs. It is one honey of a cup.

The final tumbler features Figment, Epcot’s wildly popular purple dragon. It is on a green background.

Credit: Katie

As appealing as these cups are design-wise, I (Katie) cannot help but be disappointed. I was really hoping for more Disney-themed eggs to add to my little collection.

Alas, the Cast Member I spoke with said that these are the only prizes. He said there will be no eggs this year.

I vastly prefer the prizes from Spike’s Pollination Exploration. You can read about them here.

Credit: Katie

What do you think of these Egg Hunt prizes? Will you be participating in the hunt and collecting them? Would you have preferred eggs? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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