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A new mobile feature has been added to My Disney Experience

A new mobile feature has been added to My Disney Experience
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A new mobile feature has been added to My Disney Experience that could change your resort experience. Will you be using this new feature?

Checking Out

Credit: KtP writer Donna

Nobody ever likes to check out of their Disney resort because that probably means that your Disney vacation is ending! However, after Walt Disney World reopened, they made this process easier for guests and it also limited contact.

Currently, if you need to check out of your hotel room the only thing you need to do is leave and you are automatically checked out at 11 a.m. I (Maggie) really enjoy this because there is nothing to do and it is one less thing to think about.

A new way to check out

Credit: Disney

Now, a new feature has been added to My Disney Experience. Guests will have the option to check out via the App. However, this feature is only available at select resorts at this time.

Guests at select resort hotels now have the option to check out using My Disney Experience

Resorts utilizing this feature right now are:

Other resorts will be added to the list soon for using this new feature.

How to use this feature

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To use the mobile resort check out feature, you must have a credit card on file or have a zero-dollar balance. In My Disney Experience, view your reservation details and select “view charges”.

After confirming the above items, click on “check out now” and you can check out.

Personally, I am not sure what is easier than simply leaving your room and automatically being checked out! Disney does say that guests can still charge purchases to your room throughout the day. Any charges will be reflected on your itemized bill in the My Disney Experience App.

Will you be using this new feature in My Disney Experience? Do you like simply leaving the room or do you think you will check out using the app? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. My daughter is an Operations Manager at a hotel (not Disney) and I would ask you to consider your Mousekeeping Staff….when you let the hotel know you have left, either by going to the desk or now the app at two hotels, it gives the mousekeeping staff a heads up that your room is ready to be cleaned for the next guest. If everyone just leaves and none are checked out until the automatic 11am, the pressure is on for the maids to clean EVERY room “right now”. So those checking in might find their rooms are ready at check in time because the maids didn’t have enough notice to get started on more room earlier. So…..I hope they extend the app to all the hotels, but please let the front desk know you’re leaving so the maids have a fighting chance! It will help you the next visit, because your room might be ready on time if they get a chance to start cleaning earlier. I would guess the app is how the hotels are trying to get advance notice of your leaving.

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