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Disney’s New Baby Animals Will Leap into Your Heart

Disney’s New Baby Animals Will Leap into Your Heart

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Hopefully Disney’s latest new babies will brighten your day. These kids are adorable!


Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Reserve is home to a variety of exotic animals. On your safari across the savanna, you can see elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, and goats! Goats?

Not kidding! The little Nigerian Dwarf goats are a recent addition to Kilimanjaro Safari. They were introduced just over a year ago. For the full story, head here.

What are Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

Photo: Disney

These adorable critters are miniature dairy goats. This particular type of goat originated in West Africa and has since been domesticated to keep as farm animals or pets around the world.

The little goats remain under two feet tall. Most of them will not weigh over 50 lbs, although a few outliers will grow larger. As a result, these compact critters tend to be adorable.

What Are Goats Doing in the Harambe Reserve?

Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment

Now you might fund yourself wondering, “What on earth are goats doing in the reserve?” After all, when you think of African animals “Nigerian Dwarf Goat” is probably not the first thing that jumps to your mind.

However, Nigerian Dwarf Goats are important to the survival of Africa’s endangered species. You see, these little goats do not need very much space to thrive. They are hearty creatures and can survive on less food than larger livestock.

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment

They also produce milk with a very high fat content, making it ideal for many things such as making cheese. Many farmers can raise these goats in a very small area. They can sell the milk to bring in extra income. The goats also produce meat and fibers that can be very useful.

The presence of the goats reduces the need for local farmers to rely on the wildlife for income and food. Raising goats for meat instead of cattle also means less deforestation.

Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment

Besides, they are really cute and make great pets. It seems that farmers raising these goats is a win-win for everyone.

These goats represent one of the things at the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Disney Conservation. There presence is only appropriate as part of the conservation education Animal Kingdom seeks to provide its guests.

Baby Goats!

Credit: Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment

Another great reason to raise goats is that they have some of the planets most adorable babies. Baby Nigerian dwarf goats definitely kick up the cuteness level of the safari.

Just look at these sweet babies! One of them even has what looks to be a hidden Mickey among his spots.

Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment

You will find these cuties perched on roofs, tires, buckets, and basically anything they can climb on. I am hoping to catch a glimpse of the new babies on my next visit to the park!

Do you enjoy the Nigerian Dwarf Goats on Kilimanjaro Safari? Are you a goat owner yourself? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook.

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