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Video: Another New Fight Breaks Out At The Most Magical Place On Earth

Video: Another New Fight Breaks Out At The Most Magical Place On Earth

Today we learned of yet another fight that has taken place at Magic Kingdom. Why are these brawls continuing to happen on a regular basis?

Fights At Disney Parks

Credit: KtP

It deeply saddens me to write of another confrontation that has occurred at our beloved theme parks. Personally, I go to the parks to escape the realities of what is happening in the world. I skip and dance my way through the parks like a happy go lucky toddler.

The thoughts of witnessing a fight at the parks had never crossed my mind before. Everyone is supposed to be happy and respectful, right?

Just ten days ago we had reported of a fight occurring in line at a Fantasyland attraction and just a couple of days ago of a confrontation between a guest and a Cast Member.

Altercation at Magic Kingdom

Credit: KtP

Unfortunately, confrontations that lead into brawls are becoming more present at the parks. On Tuesday, January 24, 2022, Heather7marie, posted a video on tiktok of a fight at Magic Kingdom.

Originally, many people were commenting that the video was old due to the playing of Happily Ever After, which is no longer playing at the Magic Kingdom. However, she posted that she had added the music herself.

Since then, she has uploaded the video without any music. You can see the video below.

Warning: The video contains explicit language and violence and images that some viewers may find upsetting:

Throughout the video you can see Cast Members trying to break up the fight. It is unclear what brought on the fight in the middle of the Magic Kingdom.

It is important to note that this type of behavior is not acceptable at Disney parks or elsewhere. Confrontations lead to park bans.

Credit: Maggie

We are hoping that altercations come to an end as all guests want to feel safe while enjoying their day at the parks in the company of friends and family.

What are your thoughts regarding the continuous fights that are regularly occurring at the Disney parks? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.

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Nikki Goodnature

Thursday 27th of January 2022

It's always been busy! You can't not know that!! I think people are trying to get away with things to make their lives easier and regular Disney goers aren't going to put up with it. I don't want anyone to get hurt, but keep fighting people, the crowds will be a lot less for when I get there!

Sam G.

Wednesday 26th of January 2022

I think combination of things. To start would be the overcrowding making many people to close to each other. This causes people to become more irritable specially kids. The crowds have become more impolite. The price of administration keeps going up and lines have become longer. Often times the wait time can be 1 hour 30minutes, dealing with kids anxiety and suddenly them wanting to use the restroom can become a huge hurtle. All for a great 5 minute ride. Ohh and ride reservations are $15. So it’s easy for anybody to have a tense moment that can easily escalate to a brawl.


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

Nope, just entitlement syndrome to the enth degree


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

Nope...just entitled brats


Tuesday 25th of January 2022

Monday was the busiest day that the Magic Kingdom has experienced in 2 years.

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