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New issue arise with Magical Express bus conditions

New issue arise with Magical Express bus conditions

As transportation woes continue at Disney World, Guests are noticing more issues on Disney buses. See how this will affect your future trip to/from the airport and during your stay.

Transportation Issues

Credit: KtP

Disney has had trouble rebounding from the pandemic since it reopened last July. After laying off tens of thousands of workers, the company faced difficulties hiring new Cast Members. It’s likely the reason why many experiences have yet to return to the parks and why resort capacity is limited.

Additionally, it also explains many of the transportation issues around the property, which we have covered extensively. A shortage of bus drivers means Disney is utilizing more third-party vendors to transport Guests.

Credit: Maggie

We shared some mold issues that were discovered on Disney buses. In that same post, I also shared some of the transportation issues I personally faced using MEARS, the alternative solution.

You can read that story HERE.

More Issues

Credit: Monica

Our friends at Streaming the Magic shared a video of a leak on Disney’s Magical Express. In case you are unfamiliar with Magical Express, it is a complimentary service Disney provides. They shuttle you to and from the Orlando International Airport.

Unfortunately, Disney will no longer offer this service beginning January 1, 2022. MEARS is currently the company Disney has a contract with, and there are some options available through them come 2022.

You can read about how to reserve MEARS transportation HERE.

Credit: KtP writer Susan

In the video, which can be viewed HERE, you can see the rain leaking in pretty heavily into the motor coach. Clearly that is not a fun way to begin your trip to Disney or end it on a high note. Maybe bring your poncho?!

Have you faced any issues on Magical Express or other Disney transportation? Share your stories with us in the comments below and on Facebook. Additionally, you can join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion there.

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Gary and Chris

Sunday 21st of November 2021

Earlier this month we stayed at Port Orleans. The buses at Epcot going to other Resorts kept coming and going nearly empty but we kept having to wait 45 minutes to an hour for the Port Orleans bus. When it arrived we're all packed in like sardines breathing in each other's faces. Not very covid healthy. This was the case both times that we went to Epcot . Getting to our Resort from Hollywood Studios and from Animal Kingdom was not a problem . It didn't look to us like a shortage of drivers as much as a poor a location of available buses for each Resort.

Patricia Darmody

Saturday 20th of November 2021

Had a terrible experience. The bus was going to Magic Kingdom from hotel. The driver didn't pull bus to the curb, so when I stepped down I lost balance and fell in the street. Bus driver stood there watching. Fractured T-12 in my back and ended up in a wheel chair for 4 days. Never extended his hand to help me. Need better bus drivers that are trained better.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

My Magic Express bus was an hour late. The bell men kept saying it would arrive soon. I'd rather pay the money for a taxi and not have to worry about missing my flight.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

We stayed at Coronado springs in early November of this year. We had trouble with magical express going to the airport. The bus didn't come for people leaving before us. Then we waited 30 minutes and the bus never showed up. The hotel had to call a cab . When we finally got to the airport it was rush rush to get through the ticket counter and then through security. Never again! I've been going to Disney for 20 years and I'll have to rethink next year.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

One of the nicest things about this pandemix is that big corporations will learn in the future not to treat employees as somthibg they can fire on demand. I hope disney, McDonald's and the rest of them are loosing just as much money as they saved when they sacked them.

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