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Disney Welcomes a New Baby Zebra to Animal Kingdom

Disney Welcomes a New Baby Zebra to Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

The Disney animals have a little Halloween treat for you! A new baby zebra has arrived.

Oh Happy Day!

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Credit: KtP writer Susan

If you need a little bit of cute animal happiness in your day, look no further! A new baby zebra foal joined the herd at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

If you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge or dining in one of the restaurants, you may be lucky enough to spot the new mama and baby pair bonding and roaming the savanna. What a wonderful treat it would be to see the brand new baby!

Welcome, Baby Zebra

Credit: @drmarkatdisney

You can check out pictures of this little striped cutie and mom Zoey courtesy of Dr. Mark Penning @drmarkatdisney, which is consequently one of my (KatieP’s) favorite Instagram accounts, after @Kennythepirate, of course. Click the arrow in the post above to see all of the cuteness.

The baby is a female Hartmann’s mountain zebra. She was born on October 13, 2021 and is reportedly healthy and doing well adjusting to life on the savanna. Your KtP Writing Team hopes we will have a name to report to you soon!

A Conservation Win!

Credit: Disney

Disney’s animal care team is part of Disney Conservation, a program dedicated to protecting the magic of wildlife and spreading conservation awareness. To read about their latest initiatives, click here.

While Hartmann’s zebras are not endangered, the species is classified as vulnerable. So, like the other births this year, this successful birth represents a win for the team and for the species.

This little baby joins another Hartmann’s zebra, a male born earlier in 2021. Hopefully there will be more to follow in the future!

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