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The New Preview for the 11th Stitch Crashes Disney is Here

The New Preview for the 11th Stitch Crashes Disney is Here
Credit: Disney

The latest Stitch Crashes Disney preview is here! Is it a delight or a fright?

Stitch Crashes Disney!

stitch crashes disney
Photo: Disney

Experiment 626 is at it again! He has already crashed multiple Disney films, and now he is crashing into Neverland to invade Peter Pan!

This year, Disney launched a crazy mixed up merchandise collection featuring your favorite interstellar Disney character. Each collection’s design scheme features Stitch from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch as if he has crash landed in the midst of a scene from a beloved Disney Film.

Of course, some of the designs have been met with more aesthetic success than others. As a result, the collection has been met with mixed reviews. Some are a smash while others are…a crash.

Credit: ShopDisney

Regardless, the collection has apparently had mass appeal for Stitch Fans. Love it or hate it, the Stitch plush sells out swiftly each month leaving some fans at the mercies of the secondary market.

Clearly, Stitch’s truest fans love him unapologetically. They embrace the cuddly stuffed representations of him even when he is bedecked in grubs or topped with meatballs or birthday candles.

Stitch Crashes Peter Pan

Credit: ShopDisney UK

This month, Stitch is leaving his 10th stop in the New World of Pocahontas. With the help of some Pixie Dust, he’ll be soaring into Neverland for his 11th crash landing!

This stitch has an almost overwhelming green monochromatic color scheme. At first glance he looks a little bit like Stitch crashes Kermit.

Closer inspection reveals the Peter Pan references in his pattern including Pan silhouettes, Neverland, compasses, and pirate ships. Even so, if you get your hands on this Stitch, you might not want to display him near your Grogu plush just in case he looks a little froggy in person.

Credit: ShopDisney UK

This is a situation, or should I say Stitch-uation, where pattern placement is important. In the stock photos, it looks a little like Peter is emerging from Stitch’s nostril! (Do you see his head and outstretched hand?)

The lyrics “You can fly” apply quite literally to this Stitch. If you look carefully, you will notice he has a pair of Tinkerbell Wings strapped to his back.

Where to get Stitch

Credit: ShopDisney

If you want to Pixie Dust yourself with this Pixie Dusted Stitch, you will have to stay tuned for a release date. The KtP Crew will keep you up to speed on when he will be crashing shopDisney.

He may literally crash ShopDisney, come to think of it. The site is notoriously bad at handling large volumes of traffic. The shopDisney release will likely coincide with a park release. This has been the case with other monthly releases.

Will you be trying for this Stitch? Do you need to land it, or is it a never for you? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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