Home Disney News Technical and mechanical problems cause issues and an evacuation at Magic Kingdom

Technical and mechanical problems cause issues and an evacuation at Magic Kingdom

Technical and mechanical problems cause issues and an evacuation at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s flagship park, but that doesn’t mean it is immune to problems. The park is experiencing several technical and mechanical issues causing Guest frustration, an evacuation, and increased work for Cast Members.

Touch Points at Entrance

Once you step off the monorail, bus, or the ferry boat one of the first things you will do at Magic Kingdom is go through security and the touch points at the entrance.

The security checkpoints are a breeze now that Disney upgraded the detectors. You take out anything that is metal like an umbrella or stainless steel water bottle and simply walk through the detectors.

Credit: Monica

The entry touch points used to be very simple too since they temporarily paused the finger scanners. However, those are back now as Disney relaxes many of the health and safety protocols in place.

Despite the added step, it is still very easy to get through…unless the system is having issues. That is exactly what happened today, September 22. According to our sources, many Guests had issues at the scanners. Typically if it is a widespread issue like this, Cast Members will use their iPads to get you into the park.

In the past, we have seen that system down as well, and Guests are just let in without needing their Magic Band scanned.

DAS System

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Not only are the touch points at Magic Kingdom’s entrance having issues today, but the DAS system is also experiencing park-wide issues.

If you are unfamiliar with DAS (Disability Access Service), it allows Guests who otherwise cannot wait in a physical line to receive a return time. The return time depends on how long the current wait is, but the person and the entire party will receive a return for that attraction for the current wait time minus 10 minutes.

Credit: KtP writer Donna

This system will receive an overhaul soon which will eliminate the need for people using the service to walk to each attraction. Now, everything will be done on the My Disney Experience app, and Guests needing the service will actually be able to pre-register.

We received word that the DAS system is down, and Cast Members have to write down return times on paper for people to return later. Typically, the Cast Member is able to distribute the wait time by scanning the person’s Magic Band and putting the time on the account.

Mad Tea Party

credit: Kenny

Finally, over in Fantasyland, there are some mechanical issues with the Mad Tea Party attraction. Around 11:15 am or so today guests were evacuated off the attraction, and Cast Members were turning Guests away.

Mechanical Cast Members appeared on the scene shortly after to try to figure out and resolve the issue. While this issue is likely unrelated to the technical issues mentioned above, it is still a pretty rough day at the Magic Kingdom.

Could these issues be related to the Genie testing currently taking place in the parks? Will we see the new system debut soon? Are you at Magic Kingdom today? Have you experienced any issues? Tell us about them in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. This was our first time and it was a wonder experience for me and my family. There was a ride that malfunctioned and they quickly closed it. The people visiting like us was friendly and so helpful. We missed the Princess parade cause we where getting on all the rides. All in all we had a blast. The fireworks was
    My absolute favorite thank you Mr. Walt well done. ❤

  2. We had problems with our tickets some my family tickets went threw and the others had problems when they was all purchased at the same time.And the kids was complaining their wasn’t many characters and parades like it use to I understand about the Covid.We just didn’t enjoy the trip to the Magic Kingdom this year.

  3. We have had problems from the beginning. With myself not having a room to numerous magic band problems. HouseKeeping waking me even though my do not disturb sign was on the door. I have a walker mobility chair that died in the park. I understand that it was a rental but No Disney cast member helped me push it back thru MK gates to ferry where I had to meet someone to help with the scooter. Also having problems with the Memory Maker photo service I purchased. It was a poor experience for the price.

    Mary Cannon. Room 3124 Carribean Beach Barbatorz

    Also skyliner down due to rain but busses were very slow to non existent

  4. We had issues at Hollywood Studios Monday – one member of our party didn’t register as having a park pass even though she did. Pretty much every turnstile had a party with an issue. The supervisor had to basically override her existing ticket and give her a new one, but that didn’t link to her magic band until we saw another supervisor at Epcot.

  5. There were issues for many getting into the parks on this past Sunday as well. Many parties were being stopped and it seemed as though the finger print scanners were the issue.

  6. I just can’t help but wonder if maintenance is one of the areas they’re cutting back on. Seems like so many issues past couple of years.

  7. We experienced both issues for touch point and DAS. Touch point at opening was unreal. They literally told all 6 parties and our’s that it was a ticket issue and to go to guest relations . We went to another line and had no problems. Not sure why the manager at the lines it was happening at was in denial of it being a system issue. It was easy to figure that out after seeing just two parties have a problem. It caused a good deal of angst for a lot of people trying to rope drop today not to mention frustration of standing in an even longer line at guest relations. DAS wasn’t an issue but it was more work for the poor CM’s!

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