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Are biometric finger scans returning to Walt Disney World?

Are biometric finger scans returning to Walt Disney World?
Credit: Donna


One change that has stuck around in Walt Disney World was the removal of the requirement to use a biometric finger scan when entering a Theme Park. Could the biometric finger scan be returning to Walt Disney World Theme Parks soon?

Biometric finger scans

Credit: KtP writer Donna

Pre-pandemic, biometric finger scans were used at entrances to Disney’s Theme and Water Parks to ensure that Guests were using the tickets that were actually assigned to them.

The scanners used a fingerprint match to ensure Guests were actually matched to their tickets.

Credit: Jamie F

Many Disney Guests complained about the use of the scanners, claiming they would slow them down if they couldn’t get their finger placed “just right” on the scanner. This was especially problematic for children.

I know as a parent, I spent lots of time with my children at the entrance to each Theme Park, helping them to lay their fingers flat on the scanner, hoping they placed the correct finger down on the scanner, and hoping that we wouldn’t lose too much time trying just to enter!

Credit: KtP writer Donna

After the Parks reopened following their closure due to COVID-19, a welcome change for many was the removal of the fingerprint scan requirement, which has not been in use now since March 2020.

Many Guests were relieved to avoid these high touch surfaces, and Disney has allowed them to remain covered since this time.

The return of finger scans

credit: Rebecca

Guests at Disney’s Blizzard Beach are now using the biometric finger scans as they enter the water park.

It is reported that biometric finger scanning will now be in place at all of Walt Disney World’s Theme Parks beginning Monday, August 23.

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

Our own Kenny the Pirate noticed this finger scan uncovered recently at Magic Kingdom at Mickey’s Boo Bash, but they weren’t actively using the scanner that evening!

What are your thoughts on the return of biometric finger scans in Walt Disney World? Sound off on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!

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  1. That’s what I’m saying it’s absolutely ridiculous! We’re going to DW in September but I’m ready to cancel the trip at this point. No way me and my family wanna use the finger scan. So stupid Disney World and the governor just care about making money when cases are so high but pretend the Delta variant isn’t real! We’re all vaxxed and have face shields but Disney World isn’t the same as it used to be a long time ago. We’ll enjoy ourselves but will definitely be safe

  2. Stupid are they going to clean after every use,. Right. Equally stupid and greedy is paying for fast passes, you made money during pandemic give your guests who didn’t a break

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