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Guest in Magic Kingdom’s handicapped lot finds a rude note on their vehicle

Guest in Magic Kingdom's handicapped lot finds a rude note on their vehicle
Credit: Disney

A local woman who frequently visits Disney World returned to her car in the handicapped parking lot to find a rude note. Read on for details.

Handicapped Parking

Last week, local guest Tricia Proefrock and her 13 year old son arrived at the Ticket and Transportation Center lot.

Proefrock’s son, Mason, utilizes a wheelchair due to his Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a type of epilepsy that makes walking and even seeing difficult.

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

Because there were no ramp access handicapped spots remaining, Proefrock parked elsewhere in the handicapped lot.

As she had been instructed previously by Disney World Cast Members, she took up 2 spots so that Mason could exit the vehicle using the ramp.

The Note

Proefrock told Fox 35 Orlando that some “kind soul” took it upon themselves to leave a yellow “parking violation” note.

Credit: Tricia Proefrock

The note reads:

This is not a ticket, but if it were within my power, you would receive two. Because of your bull-headed, inconsiderate, feeble attempt at parking, you have taken enough room for a 20 mule team, 2 elephants, 1 goat, and a safari of pygmies from the African interior.

The reason for giving you this is so that in the future you may think of someone else other than yourself. Besides I don’t like domineering, egotistical or simple-minded drivers and you probably fit into one of these categories.

I sign off wishing you early transmission failure (on the freeway at about 4:30 p.m.). Also may the fleas of a thousand camels infect your armpits.


Apparently these notes can be purchased online. The note was not signed.

In addition to the handicapped placard in the rearview mirror, the family has a cute sticker on the window indicating that they need space for their wheels:

Credit: Tricia Proefrock

I (Rebecca) spoke with Ms. Proefrock. She said the note was upsetting in part because she already felt bad about having to use two spots. However, she saw no other alternative.

She hopes that sharing this story will help people understand that there may be good reasons for utilizing two spots.

What Disney Could Do Better

7 easy changes Disney could make to be more inclusive for guests with disabilities
credit: Disney

When the new key of “inclusion” was announced, Disney has committed to making sure that all guests are included and welcomed at the parks.

I wrote a piece on small changes Disney could make to the parks to be more disability inclusive.

Of course, it’s not Disney’s fault that a guest took it upon themselves to chastise Ms. Proefrock. But, they can take steps to minimize situations like this.

credit: Disney parks blog

In this case, with a limited supply of ramp spots, it seems they could possibly ask handicapped guests if they have a ramp and direct guests who don’t need the additional space to the part of the lot that Ms. Proefrock parked in that day.

This would leave the ramp spots for those who need them most. Ms. Proefrock simply did what was needed for them to enjoy the parks like everyone else.

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-Rebecca W Davis

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  1. I feel the lady was in her right to park where it was accesible to her son. Especially if she had a handicapped placard saying so. There are very rude people in this cruel world we live in and the person who left the note should be punished for his or her behavior. Because that person could be in the same situation one day and will eat his/ her own words. People should think before they act!!!

  2. First and most important, Mrs. Proefrock should not spend a minute feeling bad or guilty or anything. What she did was exactly okay and appropriate. The message that should be heralded from this example is we need to build a strong cultural message that includes and cultivates respect for others and humility in ourselves…Both of which are sorely missing in many cultural messages today. Both media and politics are encouraging us to take a “we / them” entitled stand in how we behave today. Those of us who are in the moderate, quieter, majority have to start fighting back. I am very hopeful that the person who took it upon him or her self to put that on the Proefrock’s van does see this, and hopefully realizes that they were wrong, just wrong. No excuses, just wrong.

  3. Ok Karen. You literally are trying to equate this to a college prank that you took WAY TOO FAR! SMH. It’s people like you that are what’s wrong in this world.

  4. The note is without a doubt despicable and completely inappropriate. I am just wondering what would prevent you from stopping somewhere outside the space to load/unload the wheelchair and then park in a single space. Since the recipient of the note said she felt bad for needing two spaces, I feel as though this would be a compromise. Even if you end up blocking the drive lane for a few minutes.

  5. I agree with everyone on here. There was no reason for that person to do what they did. My thought was I hope they catch the person who was rude and tell them that if they do it again they will be kicked out of the park.

  6. That make me so upset and sick way do they have to be rude to other people withe special needs or have handicap trouble walking around Disney need to step up and help people with handicap this my first wirteing on hear I have special need this so wrong

  7. Did anyone take into consideration that this note leaver didn’t just scribble a rude note on the back of a scrap of paper in a fit of frustration……this is a typed up note (the article even said it can be purchased online). So whether they typed it themselves or bought it….this shows advanced thinking of the need for this! I wonder if they bought them in bulk and leave them on any car that doesn’t park as THEY deem correct? I’ve been known to voice (inside my car) frustration over people who park crooked and take up just enough of a spot next to them that I don’t want to risk pulling into that spot…..but I can’t even imagine the mindset it would take to plan this out so far in advance! I actually feel sorry for them, their life must be very miserable if they take it out on others in this manner. I hope that the “happiest place” can help them lose some of their inner anger. To Ms Proefrock, a big hug and agreement with others that YOU did nothing wrong. You keep taking care of that sweet boy, and giving him the joy of Disney.

  8. How disgusting!! I am handicap myself!! This reminds me of my senior year of college. I was sick in bed my first weekend. During the middle of the day I got a knock on my door. I asked who it was and they said it was campus security. I answered the door and saw someone in the uniform. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he wasn’t security, started laughing, and a friend of his came around the corner holding on his cell phone. I closed the door on them and called security and the police. They were arrested and put in jail for the night. And the guy, in the uniform, got in trouble at his job. His uniform was for security at a casino. If that happened to me, I would take that ‘ticket’ to the police. I hope that mother and her son do the same thing. Perhaps the police can help find the ‘officer’ who issued it.

  9. It is sad that a person also utilizing the handicap parking would stoop so low as to insult another handicap person.
    I will say that Disney Springs parking garages need more handicap spots as there are only about 8 per level.

  10. I am very disappointed in any person who feels the need to buy these “tickets”. Yes, there are people who park illegally or inappropriately (trust me, I actually know a few of these individuals who feel the need to “protect” their cars). That having been said, if you see a handicapped parking card on the mirror and a wheelchair sticker on a window, think twice before being insensitive. There tends to be more to the story.

  11. Unfortunately there are rude people everywhere including Disney. The person who left that note should be ashamed of themselves. The Disney lot is not Wal-Mart; it is watched by cast members and they will stop people from parking where they shouldn’t. I hope the rude person sees this article and is ashamed of themselves enough to not leave another rude note.

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