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Guests Visiting Magic Kingdom are Met with a less than Magical Surprise

Guests Visiting Magic Kingdom are Met with a less than Magical Surprise
Credit: Disney

The countdown is on for the 50th anniversary celebrations. Today, Guests entered the “Most Magical Place on Earth” and they were greeted with a less than magical surprise at one of the most iconic areas in the Magic Kingdom. Check out this change and see how long it may be around for.

50th Anniversary Celebrations

Credit: KtP

The Most Magical Place on Earth is celebrating 50 years! Disney is celebrating big for this special milestone. Character costumesextended park hours, 50 golden statues of our favorite characters, and so much are just a little of what we can expect to see during the 18 month long celebration.

Check out our full guide to the 50th HERE. Even if you may not be able to celebrate at Walt Disney World on October 1st, you can still celebrate from the comfort of your own home. Check out this when you can enjoy the great television special celebrating this golden anniversary HERE.

Surprise in Magic Kingdom

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Guests arriving in the Magic Kingdom found a less than magical surprise as they made their way down Main Street. As Guests headed towards the Castle Hub, they saw a large temporary stage constructed around the Partners Statue.

This stage is in the formation of a star and it appears that the Partners statue, that was recently refurbished, is in the center of this star. Our understanding is that this stage will allow for filming of the “Most Magical Story on Earth” to take place after the Magic Kingdom closes.

Credit: Walt Disney Imagineering Instagram

This is exciting news in regards to the filming of this star-studded celebration but is a bit disappointing for Guests. Our family always enjoys taking photos in front of the Partners Statue. With the current temporary stage, this would affect those photos quite a bit.

This “temporary stage” will be in place throughout this week to allow for after hours filming for the “Magical Story on Earth” television special.

The filming is set to take place during this next week so this “temporary” stage may be with us for at least a few more days.

What do you think of this temporary stage? Will this affect your trip to the Magic Kingdom this week? Do you love getting photos in front of this iconic statue? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. Wow – really? How about $1,000,000 to the Make-A-Wish foundation this year and that’s on top of the countless tickets and shopping sprees they donate to Wish kids. Perhaps you don’t know that Disney is also a founding member of the Give Kids the World Village and provides them with 3 day all inclusive tickets known as a Wishes Pass. This provides the families with an alternate entrance to all of the rides, allowing families to fully enjoy the attractions offered at each park. Disney even provides a Wish Lounge located at Magic Kingdom. The Wish Lounge offers families a comfortable place to rest as well as light refreshments, DVDs, games, books and more. Top that off with annual charity donation in the $300 – $400 million range. They have not stopped this even during the pandemic…

  2. This isn’t the Christmas Special being filmed. That will still take place later this year.
    This is the kickoff of the 50th, which will begin on October 1st.

  3. Like Make-A-Wish & Give Kids The World?

    Groups working with Disney making kids dreams come true in very different, some far more elaborate ($$$$), ways as Disney parks aren’t participating right now due to the pandemic? I’d say that children that are terminally ill or extremely ill are considered underprivileged.

    Since the wishes to go to Disney parks aren’t available right now, the alternative wishes being granted actually cost a lot more. Disney can’t use the resorts for wishes, and just give each family passes for a week. Something that Disney was able to do on a large scale for very little actual cost. Now the wishes are going to the children in need.

    As for families that can’t afford to go, there are ways to experience the parks without actually going.

    At a homeless shelter for families with minor children that I volunteer for (and serve on the advisory board), we’ve used boxes, skateboards, LED lights, and various other items to use for ride experiences – using YouTube. Parents sit behind their children and control the *ride car while the children watch front row POV videos (*ride cars = boxes, skateboards, boxes on caster wheels, decked out with $1 LED fairy lights, and sometimes spray air freshener which was great to recreate Soarin’).

    Afterwards we’d do a hidden Mickey scavenger hunt on the shelter property, and for bigger kids we’d expand the hunt to a park a few blocks away. I have helped put together birthday gift bags full of Disney stuff from the dollar store. As a heads-up, Disney would be 100% within their rights to have every single one of the ride POV videos taken down, and they could require retailers return all unsold merch versus having it available at Walmart and dollar stores. Rice Krispie treats can be made into the Mickey shape and a popsicle stick placed in it, there are Disney ice cream treats at the grocery store, Disney cereal, Disney fruit snacks, recipes online for the famous Dole Whip, Disney chicken nuggets (also available in a meatless variety for vegans/vegs), Disney cookies, oh – Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom is very easy to recreate as it’s a hot dog place in a baseball theme. I believe there are also Disney shaped pasta.

    Since these things are available, I highly suggest looking at videos of how to recreate a park experience in your home. The cost is quite low, but I promise it will be memorable if done with excitement. With a few weeks of planning, a few nights of putting together the “rides”, a workable budget, and then a few hours of either the children being taken to a park so they can return to a Disney experience at home or them waking up to find a note with instructions on what they should wear before having a party in the home – that’s important. We always stress that we’re going to be having a theme park party on property so there’s no miscommunication.

    An at home park experience would cost a fraction of the monthly tax credit for one child. We’ve made $50 work for 10-14 children, and that included a Disney themed shirt, a gift bag, free printables for coloring + crayons, a few park themed treats, a Disney book (Kingdom Keepers is a hit with the 10+ kids!), along with the ride cars that we made with the parents for a Life Skills class on how to budget for family entertainment, how to spend a weekend in with the family on a very small budget, and how to incorporate learning into family fun time.

    Since we’re not close enough to Disney, but we’re too close (Tampa Bay area of Florida), Disney doesn’t make donations on anything close to a regular basis over here. I know that shelters that are in the vicinity of Disney parks often get free admission tickets, along with Christmas gifts for the children. Sometimes they’ve even sent characters to the shelters, which is amazing as children in homeless shelters or domestic violence shelters are very often overlooked by charitable groups.

    That being said, Disney does a lot for families in need. If you’re not able to physically go, bring the parks to your home for a weekend. After the first time, your children might have ideas for the next theme park party.

  4. I am Sad that ( i heard ) Whoopie Goldberg will be Hosting the Disney Special honoring the 50th and so Unfortunately i will not be watching! She is a big one sided opinionated BULLY, and that would completely ruin the MAGIC for me ! Big Disney fan tho ….. tooo bad some if their choices are LESS than Magical

  5. How much does WDW do to help underprivileged children have a magical experience? I would like to know, especially with all the priced increases and now fast pass charges- just seems like greed is multiplying. Think about other people that may not have the money other than your corporate greed, Disney. Start advertising what you are doing for people right here in the USA who have young children that can’t afford to go for even one day, much less stay a whole week. It’s time to start thinking of sharing the experience for ALL!

  6. If you are offended by any “eye sores” that are temporary and not listed in your travel guides prior to arriving at the park, here are a couple ideas for your trouble:

    1. Stop in City Hall (which is just past the train station on you left at the main gate when entering the Magic Kingdom), voice your opinion and why it is destroying the magic of your visit, the cast member has the power to grant you a reasonable accommodation (extra perk. If you don’t feel what the cast member is offering you makes up for the loss of magic the temporary eye sore bothers you with simply ask for a manager or the MOD if necessary and don’t be afraid to make a counter offer for your losses (the most they will say is “Nope can’t do that for you).

    Remember they are in the business of “Making Magic”.

    2. Call the local media news desk and tell them about Disney taking your money and the magic.being destroyed by their temporary eye sores for their production gain. The park was not like it was advertised and you feel the park cast just didn’t give a damn.

    But bottom line I don’t think you will have to get to number 2 because when I was a cast member my ability to keep the guest experience magical was only limited by my own imagination and then IF I was unable to please the guest, I would pass it off to a manager and they normally exceeded the guest’s expectations. Good Luck and Wishing you a magical and happy visit

  7. Everything in Disney seems a lot less Magical lately. You would think that the most happiest place on earth would want to make it magical for the children during this hard times, but no. Seem like new Management just want to make $$$$. So sad

  8. Exactly! It is a gorgeous park with tons of beautiful photo ops. I think a lot of guest would be pleased to film or photograph the temporary stage and say they were there where the filming took place and see it on tv. Just a thought…..

  9. I wanted to go to the secret room in the top of the castle but they wouldn’t let me. I’m really angry and I’m calling corporate in the morning.

  10. The Christmas special is always pre-recorded in the beginning of December. After Thanksgiving. That’s the lower time for the Christmas season. I know this because I’m a ex-cast member. And the people you see is cast members and their family. I was in the late 90-early 2000s in two specials while I worked at the park

  11. Its a temporary stage. If that ruins someones vacation mabey leaving your living room is not the best idea. Just deal and move it along please.

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