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‘Ohana changes menu after its mediocre reopening

'Ohana changes menu after its mediocre reopening
Credit: Monica

The reopening of ‘Ohana has not been without drama and a #noodlegate. They have since changed the menu after its mediocre reopening. Here’s what you can expect to see on the menu. What do you think of the changes?


Credit: Monica

Disney’s ‘Ohana reopened in mid-July after a long hiatus. However, they made quite a few changes to the menu – including the removal of noodles and the addition of shrimp…casserole.

Thankfully, noodles were added back after Guest frustration, but the rest of the meal was a bit strange. Our KtP writing team ate at ‘Ohana in July and while the food was just okay, it’s nothing like it used to be.

Throw in the lack of characters for breakfast, and this meal just doesn’t do it for us anymore.

Return of the old menu

Credit: Monica

If you were feeling a bit underwhelmed at the new menu, Disney has heard your frustration! They are bringing back the old menu!

The shrimp casserole, roasted chicken, sausage, scones, and biscuits are OFF the menu. They have added the peel-n-eat shrimp, grilled chicken, and ‘Ohana bread.

For starters, you will be served salad, chicken wings, pork dumplings, and ‘Ohana bread. The dinner skillet includes the beef, shrimp, chicken, noodles, and broccolini.

Credit: Monica

Finish your meal off with the ‘Ohana bread pudding, not to be confused with the regular ‘Ohana bread.

You can easily find the full menu for ‘Ohana and every restaurant on Disney property on Character Locator. Disney planning made easy – right at your fingertips!

When will this new (old?) menu come back?

Credit: Monica

These changes take place today, August 17. If you were hoping for shrimp casserole during your upcoming reservation, you may be a bit disappointed.

However, for those of you who preferred the old menu – go grab those dining reservations!

Did you eat at ‘Ohana after it reopened? Do you prefer the old menu or the new menu? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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