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The 9 worst Disney rides that aren’t worth waiting for

The 9 worst Disney rides that aren't worth waiting for
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World has some outstanding rides that we can’t get enough of! But then there are some that are just…not so great, and we can’t help but wonder why they are still in Disney World. Check out this list of the 9 Disney World rides not worth waiting in line for. Do you agree with this list?

Astro Orbiter

credit: Disney

Pilot your very own spaceship high in the sky above Tomorrowland aboard Astro Orbiter in Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort.” Well that sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

WRONG! It’s not fantastic! This ride is similar to the Disney classic, Dumbo, in that it is an aerial, carousel style ride that flies in circles. And honestly, if you’ve done one, you’ve done them all. Obviously Dumbo is going to be the better choice.

But beyond that, there is so much wrong with this ride. First, the loading of this ride. You have to wait in what always seems like a long queue, and then take an elevator up to the loading platform. Then, you’ll board a tiny little rocket that really, adults have no business cramming themselves into.

Then you fly up and begin flying around in a circle above Tomorrowland. This ride does offer some spectacular views of Cinderella Castle, I’ll give you that.

But if you have a fear of heights, a fear of being crammed into small rockets, or even a fear of being bored to tears on an aerial carousel style ride, this one is not for you.

Although Fastpass+ is not currently being offered, when it was, this attraction did not even offer a Fastpass as an option! The lines can get long on this one!

The verdict: Just skip it all together. It’s not worth any wait!


The Barnstormer junior coaster is located in Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  You will take flight above Storybook Circus with Goofy in a rustic stunt airplane. If your child is young, this is a great first roller coaster for them. It is tame, not too jerky, and it is over relatively fast.

But for most, this ride is not worth waiting for. And it can see some long waits on busy days! This roller coaster lasts about 30 seconds, or at least it feels like it does! Just as you are getting started, the ride is nearly over! My kids always want to go on this one, and then always get off disappointed.

The verdict: Definitely wait and ride if you have young children. Otherwise, skip it!

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Credit: Disney

Figment is a beloved icon of Epcot, and for good reason. The original Journey into Imagination that opened 1983 is a Disney World classic and where we first met the “spark” of imagination, Figment.

The ride was rethemed in 1999 and instantly despised by Guests. Disney tried to fix the ride again, resulting into the ride we know today.

While we love Figment, this ride just isn’t worth our time if there is more than a 5 minute wait. This tour through the Imagination Institute leaves you wondering:

Why does everyone seem to love Figment so much?

The verdict: Try it if the wait is 5 minutes, otherwise, skip it!

Triceratop Spin

Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Attractions, Triceratop Spin
Credit: Disney

Located in the Dinoland, U.S.A. area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this carnival inspired attraction will have you flying high above the sky! This ride is another one that is similar in concept to the classic, Dumbo the Flying Elephant. And if you’re going to ride one of these, again, ride Dumbo!

The verdict: This ride is great for small children who are too afraid of the terrifying Dinosaur ride, but otherwise, don’t waste your time!

Tomorrowland Speedway

You’ll smell this speedway in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. That’s right, smell! This attraction uses gas powered cars that you can “drive” along a scenic motorway.

I always want to skip this one for a few reasons. The first being the fumes. The gas powered cars always give off incredibly strong fumes that will leave you coughing and gagging. And can we talk about the loading procedure? This attraction has to have the least efficient loading procedure in all of Walt Disney World.

The result: really looooonnnnngggg wait times. The thing is, kids love it! They feel as though they are really driving.

The verdict: If you have kids, you have no choice. You’ll have to wait for this one. They’ll love it, you won’t. But you’ll love the joy it brings them!


The concept of the ride is pretty cool for sure. On this ride, you’ll search for the Iguanodon before a meteor wipes out life on Earth! The first time I rode this, I thought how bad can it be? Dinosaur’s biggest problem is that this ride is rough. The sharp turns and jerky motions can make even the biggest dinosaur fans a little achy.

The ride is incredibly dark, which is terrifying for most who ride it. Not to mention the giant dinosaur at the end that is there for the sole purpose of making your children scream and cry for the next hour.

If you love dinosaurs, you’ll love this one, but otherwise, steer clear! And if you have young children, you should just forget it.

The verdict: skip if you have young children. If you really want to try it, ride if there is a 20 minute wait, but preferably, less!

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Would you believe me if I told you Disney had four rides throughout its Parks that are the same ride? Well, here it is, the fourth aerial carousel style ride in Disney World. And again, if you’re going to do one, it should be Dumbo. This ride takes the concept but has you board a flying carpet instead.

Located in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom, this one is a must only if you are a huge fan of Aladdin! Watch out for the camel, it spits!

The verdict: Skip, unless you love Aladdin.

Mission: Space

Photo courtesy of d23.com

Mission: Space, located in Epcot, is a thrilling attraction that shows you just what it’s like to be an astronaut! There are two missions to choose from; Orange Mission, which is more intense, and Green Mission, which is a gentler orbit around Earth.

So why is it the worst? Well, if you are prone to motion sickness, this one will not do you any favors. Claustrophobic? You will not be comfortable in this one! The orange side is far too intense, and the green side is straight boring.

The verdict: Skip, especially if you are prone to motion sickness!

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is a carousel located in Fantasyland. This lovely carousel features hand painted scenes from Cinderella.  Fans love to try to grab a ride on Cinderella’s horse, which is the only horse that has a golden bow on its tail.

This carrousel is beautiful and charming. It really is. The only major problem with this ride is that it is exactly the same as any other carrousel you can find.

The verdict: Definitely ride if there is a 5 minute wait! But otherwise, skip and spend your time on a more unique ride. Catch the carrousel at another place.

Do you agree with the rides on this list? Are any of them worth waiting for? Let us know in the comments below or on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page.

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  1. I was raised going to Disneyland. Which I love. I just returned from my first trip to Disney World, which I now call Disney Hell. It was an awful experience. The crowds, the wait times, how dirty, very dirty the rides and the park were. The huge amount of effort and time it takes to even get in and out of the “Magic Kingdom”. We had the Genie every day and we only managed to get 2-3 rides out of it. Granted we did leave most days in the late afternoon, because we had to get out of there. The one park that was still totally crowded buy much more enjoyable was Epcot. We ended up doing to late days there The closing show is amazing, and there is a lot of places to sit down and regroup and take a moment every where in Epcot. Unlike the worst park of all, Animal Kingdom. Packed, no where to sit at all and the rides were not impressive. We loved the coaster and that was it. The pandora stuff was so old, the film quality was scratched and weird and it all felt so old. I will never go to Disney World again. I felt like it was a huge money grab and very shabby right now.

  2. You’re entitled to your opinion but to write it as if it is fact is just arrogant. I personally enjoy several of the experiences listed herin I certainly know that my son does as well. I’m guessing that given our opinions and that of many responses given here you should reconsider either your choices or how you’ve chosen to present the article.

  3. For the most part, I agree with this list and I think it’s helpful. We were at Disney World a month ago and without Fast Passes you really have to prioritize which rides you want to go on. It’s nice to have someone put out a list detailing which rides you can pass on if you don’t have time- a trip to Disney is all about logistics. Sure, people attach sentimental value to these rides or like them because they have little kids but those are personal preferences. There are great rides and there are rides that are meh.

  4. I love Disney’s DINOSAUR ride at Disney Animal Kingdom and it’s NOT one of the worst ride since I’ve been on there with my family members for the first time when I was 16 years old. It’s the BEST ride! These people should’ve known that the dinosaurs are always part of the animal kingdom, NOT genetic monsters NOR pieces of furniture, and they need to respect these creatures like I do.

  5. This article is written by an adult who seems to forget Disney was designed for kids. I have zero problem with living it up kid free at Disney, but I certainly don’t think myself so esteemed to expect them to cater to only adults for my sake.

  6. The only one I agree with is Mission Space which is likely the worst ride in Disney World. Past that I would add Navi River Journey which I would consider riding again if it was a 5 minute wait and I wanted to get out of the rain. The little mermaid ride should also be added. That ride was made cheaply and always has issues. The Finding Nemo ride is also extremely underwhelming. All other rides on your list are good rides to go on with young children or if you want to go on attractions with short waits.

  7. In defense of the Astro Rockets in tomorrow land, it’s not the rides fault, back even into the 80s, it was a hoot, you got in, then once it started hydrolics lifted the cars up to at least 20 feet above the loading ramp, then you could pull up on the control handle and the car would lift up another 15 to 20 feet and not just straight up but at an angle so you looked down to the right you could look straight down, you did this the entire ride up and down and it was ALOT faster, and the view from the highest point was one of the best on the park. But Disney’s lawyers neutered it, reducing it to the pathetic nothing it is today.

  8. Barnstormer used to be longer before they relocated it.
    My vote is the Winnie the Pooh ride. That used to be Mr Toads wild ride. Definite downgrade

  9. Goofy’s Barnstormer is just that–goofy, silly, irreverent, and dare I say…still fun for adults. It’s obviously not as thrilling as even Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but it’s got a couple of fun dips. I wouldn’t wait more than 30 minutes, and that only after I’ve done everything else I want to in the Magic Kingdom at least once, but…it’s fun.

  10. We did Dinosaur once back in maybe 2015. To this day, we still talk about how insane the ride is. My kids still ask to recreate the ride, at age 11.

  11. You forgot Na’vi river journey. I always thought the most boring disney ride was small world until i rode river journey.

  12. One of my personal favorite rides in disneyworld mission Space orange, it’s not super intense and is a cool experience. Astro orbiter is a lot of fun, especially if you ride it during boo bash, because it’s super dark and gives an amazing view of the park, with all the lights and Halloween deckr.

  13. Everyone is entitled to own opinion but most rides mentioned here are aimed to give small children something to do as they will be too small to ride coasters. Walt Disney was all about children hence these rides. All should be tried at least once then if you don’t like don’t do it again, easy. Me I’m 71 and my grandchildren and I have to do Speedway and Buzz Lightyear

  14. How can Disney still use gas cars for that waste of space ride? How many emissions go into the air from that each year! It takes up soooooooo much space that could hold 2-3 new GOOD rides

  15. OK I agree with all Except dinosaur. The rest are dull dinosaur is fun faster paced an fits actually my fav in animal kingdom.

  16. Your opinion only…… most you listed are child oriented and great fun for them.. thank you for your opinion. But parents and grandparents. Try them at least once.

  17. Have to disagree on Astro Orbiter mainly because my middle of three sons (7) absolutely loves it and it’s mine & his ride together as my other two don’t care for it. It’s a sentimental fave. And yes, views at night are fantastic up there.

  18. I disagree with you about Astro Orbiters (literally my favorite, and the ride is not too small), Magic Carpets (prefer this to Dumbo, lots of fun for the whole family), Regal Carousel (one of our favorites), Dinosaur a little scary for the little kids but this can be discussed before hand and if they chose not to ride hopefully people have options to accommodate and still ride if they want, Speedway is probably one of my kids favorites and I do not mind it, nor do I find the cars too small. Its not an hour long ride that’s going to leave anyone cramped (looking at the comments), is it filled with the gasoline and pollution yes but its great for the whole family.
    Figment is a nice get away in the AC and the play area after is tons of fun.

  19. speedway: if you are over 5 feet tall–do NOT take. the cars are ridiculously small. the pedals require a LOT of pressure down to keep the car going. you are stuck on a track and a maxed out speed that is SLOW. blech.

  20. AGREED!!! The worst ride is small world, very annoying….HOWEVER, it made up for it by being a slow, long ride in the shade LOL!!!!!!
    I probably ride it again just to sit down in the shade!!

  21. I am 43, and I just love to ride the magical carpet Aladdin ride. It’s the only one of that type I ride. We like the spitting camels, and the up and down motion you can control. Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies, so I think that’s why.. it’s nostalgic for me. And at night, the view is beautiful from up there!

  22. Totally agree on Dinosaur. Not worth the time. We ride it again in December due to low wait times. We wanted to make sure we were not judging it unfairly from our previous ride years ago. We weren’t. It still is terrible.

  23. I love It’s a small World. It’s delightful and totally charming..
    The Dolls are beautifully crafted,wonderful and promote togetherness for all the world ,If only it could truly be !

    I sing along with the Dolls all the way through !

  24. Totally disagree. We love all those rides. You just are a negative person. You are probably comparing to roller coasters. Some people like no roller coaster rides.

  25. Agree with some of the choices. But my family really likes Figment. I like Dinosauur. I totally agree with Astro Orbiter and all its ride-alikes. Doing one is enough for a lifetime. My children never really liked them either and never asked to go on them. The Carousel is a different story. I never met a merry-go-round I did not like.

  26. Speedway you could sure replace that ride it really has a odor that once you get a smell it lingers with you. Figment is a fun and silly kind of ride I have that song stuck in my head after getting off the ride.

  27. We love Figment and Dinosaur. I agree with most of the others, but some things are ridden because they are part of the Disney experience. For example, the worst ride EVER is it’s A Small World, but we are riding it every single trip!

  28. Agree with most of your conclusions. However I really like a couple of them. I always enjoy Dinosaur, Mission Space, and Speedway. I would add to the list the ride in the Mexico showcase at Epcot. At least, it is cool inside, giving a break from the heat and seldom has a long wait. But, I am always somewhat disappointed in it; there’s really not much else to like about it.

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