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A Baby Care Center Refurbishment is Scheduled for Magic Kingdom

A Baby Care Center Refurbishment is Scheduled for Magic Kingdom
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Baby Care Centers are located in each park and are a great asset to families visiting Disney World. The one in Magic Kingdom is scheduled for a refurbishment. See how long it is set to last and where the temporary center will be located.

Baby Care Centers

Located in each of the four theme parks, Baby Care Centers provide for the needs of babies and small children and their families. They have private nursing rooms, changing tables, sinks (great for rinsing out pumping supplies and bottles), a microwave, air conditioning, high chairs, and baby items for sale in case you forget something.

One of my best pieces of advice for taking babies to Disney World: use the centers! The rest of your family can hang out with you or do a couple of rides nearby.

There is a Baby Care Center in each park. At EPCOT, you can find it with the First Aid Center behind the EPCOT Experience. The Baby Care Center at Hollywood Studios is located at the entrance of the park – to the left as you walk in.

At Animal Kingdom, you can find the center on Discovery Island toward the bridge into Africa. You can see all Disney World Baby Care Center locations on a map by visiting characterlocator.com

Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center

The Baby Care Center at Magic Kingdom is located right next to The Crystal Palace. According to wdwmagic, this location will close for refurbishment on May 3, 2021 and is expected to reopen sometime in the fall.

Wow, that is a lengthy refurbishment! When the refurbishment is over, the Baby Care Center will have more capacity and a new theme.

Don’t worry, though! Your baby and family will still have a spot to eat and relax at the Magic Kingdom. You can find a temporary location in the Tomorrowland AAA Lounge next to the Carousel of Progress.

Do you use the Baby Care Centers at Disney World? Do you think they are in need of an update? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. YES! Finally. It is so needed. Every time we’ve been the areas (nursing, feeding, changing) are packed and it makes it hard to use. Epcot’s refurb is incredible and I hope they go a similar route for mk.

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