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MagicMobile now on Disney app new details released

MagicMobile now on Disney app, new details released
Credit: Disney

Disney is rolling out a new way to experience the theme parks, and it focuses heavily on technology. Today we learned a few new things about MagicMobile.


Breaking: New MagicMobile Service to Debut at Disney World
Credit: Disney

Disney World is rolling out a new service, called MagicMobile, to enhance the Guest experience through the use of smart phone technology.

Rolling out in phases throughout the year, Disney MagicMobile service is a convenient and contactless way to access MagicBand features like theme park entry through the power of your iPhone, Apple Watch or other smart device. Apple products will be the first to see these new features.

Guests will also continue to use the app to check in and unlock resort doors, making that process just as easy as before.

You can read all about the initial announcement HERE.

New Features

This morning we noticed a new feature on the My Disney Experience app: Disney MagicMobile Pass.

The app boasts this new Pass as being able to access Disney vacation essentials right from your phone.

Additionally, guests will be able to enter the theme parks using this Pass, with valid theme park admission and park reservations, of course.

You will also be able to connect Disney PhotoPass photos to your account. Just a few weeks ago, Disney began testing this feature on Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. No need to worry about the MagicBand because Disney is connecting these photos via Bluetooth on your smart phone.

What else can MagicMobile do?

The ability to enter the parks and connect images to your account are not the only things MagicMobile can do!

“Express Mode” can be used by tapping your phone near a Disney touch point. Here’s the best part: you won’t even need to unlock your phone! Many of you have shared you dislike using technology on vacation and don’t want to get your phone out all the time. Express Mode will help alleviate some of those concerns.

For family and friends that don’t have their own phone, you can open your Apple Wallet, swipe to their pass, and redeem at the touch point. So yes, you will still need to open your phone if you are traveling with others who don’t have their own app.

As long as everything is linked to your account, like tickets and reservations, you can continue to use MagicMobile every time you visit. No need to renew or download something each time.

Are you excited about the release of MagicMobile? Which feature are you most looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.


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