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New Details Provided Regarding California Theme Parks Ban on Out of State Visitors

New Details Provided Regarding California Theme Parks Ban on Out of State Visitors
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One of the many concerns of Disney fans is the mandate that will not allow out-of-state visitors to attend the reopening of California theme parks. We have received new details announcing how they will be able to note that a guest is from out of state.

Reopening of California Theme Parks

This Disneyland Resort Will Now Be Reopening

It has certainly been an eventful month of announcements as a mandate has been approved to allow California theme parks to reopen beginning April 1, 2021.

Knotts Berry Farm has announced that they plan to reopen in May, while Six Flags Magic Mountain has a Spring opening.

Disneyland announced that the theme parks will reopen on April 30, 2021 whereas Universal’s Twitter feed has been hinting a reopening date coming soon.

However, one of the parts of the reopening mandates left many out of town visitors confused and upset as to why they would not be allowed to visit any California theme park reopening’s.

New Details Announced

New details were reported on KTLA 5 Live regarding how theme parks would be able to track who’s buying tickets as well as a contact tracing if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak.

People will buy tickets on online reservation systems that use GPS data to help the theme park track who’s buying tickets and where they live. The system will also allow for contact tracing if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak tied to a park.

Interesting, isn’t it?

At the moment, the Disneyland Resort, which resides in Orange County, is in the “Red” Tier 2 where theme parks can reopen at 15 percent capacity as of April 1, 2021.

The early requirements for entering the Orange and Yellow tier will change if California can administer two million more Covid vaccine doses to residents in the bottom 25% of the state’s Healthy Places Index.

Disneyland and Mayor of Anaheim Share Statements Following Reopening Guidelines
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If that occurs, and Orange County were placed into the Orange tier, the parks could operate at 25% capacity and by looking at the current numbers, that very well is realistic by April 30, 2021, which is the reopening day at the Disneyland Resort.

What are your thoughts regarding not allowing out of state visitors to the California theme parks? Do you agree or disagree? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Please make sure to also share them with us in our crew!


  1. I hope they change this as we have a reservation for Grand Californian the 3rd week in May and we are from PA and never been to Disneyland. We are also vaccinated
    Hope we get some Pixie Dust!

  2. Posted this at another comment.

    Before covid was thing, Disney implemented that people who were FL residents and wanted any FL resident ticket needed to enter their ID number on the reservation website. The system is already set up for this.

    They’ll simply require your ID number when you make your reservation. This isn’t something TV made up. Disney has always had ways in recent years to verify your residency. So now Disneyland will just require those over 18 to input their ID number when making reservations (and travel agents will have to abide by that).

  3. They may have to enter their ID number on the site to verify themselves and to be able to complete a reservation.

    For FL residents to purchase tickets that’s what we had to do pre-covid and still have to do. Same system.

  4. It is the state/governor policy because CA has a travel ban. Hopefully the travel ban will end so others can visit.

  5. 15 % won’t pay the bills and with gas prices etc increasing, Disney can’t raise prices so high that people won’t visit. Still hoping they get the signatures to recall Newsom. He’s bankrupt the state. Disney will survive but many others will not.

  6. Yea, this seems far fetched. And unless they have invalidated ALL previously purchased tickets that people weren’t able to use (did they?), how will they track those? I foresee needing to show ID or some proof of residence.

    I’m not sure entirely why they feel this restriction is necessary – if the park is at 15% capacity and requires a reservation anyway, I doubt hordes of out of towners are going to plan a vacation.

  7. Sounds like something the TV station made up. Lots of folks will buy their tickets through travel agents, who will be all across the country. Plus grandparents who buy for kids and grandkids. There’s no way to track your state except for requiring ID prior to entry for adults!

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