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Guests Disappointed after Less than Magical Celebrations in the Magic Kingdom

Guests Disappointed after Less than Magical Celebrations in the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom today were hoping to see the magic but were left disappointed. Find out what the socially distant Super Bowl celebrations looked like in Magic Kingdom.

Super Bowl Tradition

The Disney Super Bowl tradition first started after Super Bowl XXI on January 25, 1987. A Disney commercial starred New York Giant’s quarterback Phil Simms.  After the winning game, Simms was asked, “Now that you’ve won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to Disney World!”

Following this year’s game, Walt Disney World aired their long-standing commercial of their “I’m Going to Disney World!” commercial, featuring star players and long-time teammates, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

After the Super Bowl, Cinderella Castle was illuminated in the Buccaneers’ colors, followed by blue projections in honor of healthcare workers, “as a beacon of celebration and hope throughout the night.” Check out these gorgeous photos HERE.

Super Bowl Parade


Last week, Walt Disney World shared, “Although Walt Disney World won’t host the annual Super Bowl parade down Main Street U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom Park this year, Disney will continue the time-honored tradition of featuring the Super Bowl star player in the iconic “I’m Going to Disney World!” commercial on Sunday night.

Check out more about Walt Disney World’s announcement HERE. Even though the Super Bowl Parade was cancelled, Main Street was crowded with Disney Guests hoping to catch a glimpse of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

As Guests entered the Magic Kingdom they were informed: Thank you for visiting the Magic Kingdom! As a reminder, there will not be a Super Bowl parade today. Please be sure to maintain physical distancing and enjoy other areas of the park. We hope you have a magical visit.”

Even with the mobile notifications and the similar overhead notifications, many Guests lined around the Castle Hub with hopes that they may see some of the celebratory filming.

Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski was filmed on top of a parade float backstage at the Magic Kingdom. This looked like such a fun celebration for Gronk, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse complete with confetti canons.

Unfortunately, we will simply enjoy this celebration socially distanced this year. Many Guests at the Magic Kingdom were left disappointed. We completely understand the need for health and safety procedures, but it was still a bit disappointing.

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom were informed that there would not be a Super Bowl Parade, but many Guests still hoped to catch a glimpse of Super Bowl champs.

Gronk’s Going to Hollywood

After Rob Gronkowski celebrated with Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom, he was “Going to Hollywood!” He enjoyed the Rise of the Resistance. Disney fans are able to follow Gronk’s journey through Walt Disney World by following the Walt Disney World Instagram account.

You can even share where you think Gronkowski should travel to next. Where do you think he should visit next? What do you think about the cancellation of the Super Bowl Parade this year? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. MK~ No laugh floor , no buzz :(
    HS~ no mermaid voyage, no beauty & the beast, no tumble and Monkeys in LK , no Fantasmic show.

    Chef Mickey~> skip this while it’s not a buffet.

    Love everything new at the parks. disappointed in what is not opened that is tradition.

    MK needs something hype.

  2. I visited WDW in November 2021 for ten days. I had a wonderful time.
    Even though I missed the things that were closed and changed, in this time of pandemic I am grateful that Disney is making the attempt to keep happiness alive.
    WDW is all about hope, joy, singing, dancing, and happy endings.

    If you can’t wear a mask: stay home.
    If you can’t social distance: stay home.
    If you just want to find something to complain about: stay home.

    If you want to have a wonderful time, enjoying what’s still left of fun in the COVID-45 reality, then you might want to visit Walt Disney World.

    Best things to do:
    Hollywood Studios: Rise of the Resistance, Walt Disney Presents, Brown Derby
    Magic Kingdom: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Skipper Canteen, Swiss Family Tree House
    Animal Kingdom: Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Kilimanjaro Safari, Yak and Yeti, Maharajah Jungle Trek
    Epcot: too numerous to list . . .

  3. First of all, the only dummy here is you. There is ZERO laws that exists in Florida regarding masks or social distancing. The law only exists in your head! There’s no “laws” anywhere for that matter! These are mere guidelines! That’s it! Florida especially not only has no laws regarding this but they lifted all Virus mandates as well. Remember,Disney makes their own rules! Still not a law! Disney CHOSE not to have this parade which was very stupid and hypocritical not to have a super bowl parade when they have parades everyday! They can call that parade whatever they want but if it walks and looks like a duck… then…..well you know the rest? The fact they says they weren’t celebrating with a parade was all theater so the media didn’t paint them in a bad light! Just like the do nothing masks outside is nothing but theater as is the plexiglass.. etc.. it’s to please people like you that don’t belong in a theme park and should stay SAFELY at hole forever and be SAFE from the boogyman virus and just safe from life in general. lol! Thankfully WDW Chapek said soon they expect to ease mask rules, hopefully it’s a choice by this summer not to wear them outside at the very least. It’s too dam hits to wear those muzzles and completely unnecessary outside in that heat those UV rays alone kill the Rona!!thank god they’re finally coming to their senses! Yes I’m aware you’ll be one of those whines Karen’s complaining about your favorite muzzles not being worn but the reasonable people like to breath outside so please shut it and stay home in your SAFE bubble and leave the rest of us the F**k Alone!

  4. People who had the opportunity and finances to go experience the Disney World Adventure before and then still have the opportunity and financial ability to return after a year of hardship are complaining about what many people will never be able to even dream of experiencing once in their life…

  5. People can still be disappointed. You don’t have to be rich to go to Disney. Also, being rich is not a crime. Your jealousy is showing, and it is not a good look.

  6. People are so stupid. Obviously Disney has taken away several attractions, obviously it’s by law. To judge Disney for following rules set for them and for keeping people safe is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay at home and stop complaining. You sound like a spoiled brat!

  7. You can ride rollercoasters at any amusement park, you go to Disney for the experience. If they take that “experience” away, which they are doing little by little, then Disney is just an overpriced amusement park. And I mean way overpriced . I would not go back to Disney World the way it is now.

  8. Many people are just holding off on their vacations until the mask ban is lifted. No biggie. But if you do decide to go—–STOP COMPLAINING!!

  9. Disney has lost its magic. I won’t be back for at least a decade. They have lost their mind with how strick they are about masks.

  10. I think Disney has done an amazing job, I was there the day before they closed in March and I came again once they were reopened in November. The magic is still there assuming your not one of those people who hinges their entire experience based on one or two elements (ie. parades, meet n greet) we saw every Disney character and line wait times were the best they ever ever been. It’s finally so refreshing to be able to enjoy a Disney park without having someone’s kids breathing down my neck or practically being in my pocket. It’s a new time and age due to no fault of theirs . I bet the people leaving negative comments are the same ones who have been fighting mask mandates this entire time. WAY TO GO DISNEY! Always gonna be a fan!

  11. Disney is not worth the money anymore! They took away everything but rides! My kid wants to interact with the characters! We want to dine with the characters! We loved the shows! If we want to ride rides, we will go to our local county fair! Disney is nothing like it was before! Its time to find somewhere else to go to spend quality time with our loved ones. Its no longer about what Walt wanted which was to provide a magical memorable experience for the guests. Its now only about the money and the magic is gone! No thank you. It’s time to look for other places and things to do other than Disney.

  12. If everyone is wearing masks per disney requests, and limited attendance, this is just getting out of control. Why even be open??? Disney is taking away all the special features away from everyone. I enjoy the parades, and the special things they do to make my trip better. Not worth the money anymore !!!!

  13. WDW charges the same amount for about 75% of the original product, it’s just not worth it. The greed goes on but the experience becomes less and less. It’s like your favorite cookie charged more smaller bag and cookie.

  14. Omg really?? We’re in the middle of a pandemic and you’re lucky enough to BE at Disney World!! Sadly unsurprised because freaking entitled richies are the only ones who can afford to go anymore!!

  15. I think Disney has changed a lot. I wouldn’t want to go there anymore. I realize about the we pandemic but if dosnt seem fun anymore

    • I wouldn’t say that. I still have an enjoyable time in the parks riding rides. It is very different, but our whole world is different right now.

  16. Disney put out a statement beforehand saying there was not going to be a parade, so why is everyone so upset? That’s their own fault for assuming.

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