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First Look at the New Key to the World Cards Replacing MagicBands

First Look at the New Key to the World Cards Replacing MagicBands
Credit: Disney

We now know that the complimentary MagicBands have become a thing of the past for guests staying on WDW property. However, we now have a new look at the Mickey and Friends Key to the World cards coming to WDW soon!

Magic Bands

One of the awesome perks of booking a stay at a Walt Disney World resort were the complimentary MagicBands that guests would receive. However, even for a guest staying off property MagicBands has its benefits.

Currently, MagicBands allow entrance to the theme parks, connect Disney PhotPass photos to guests accounts and for those staying on property, and allow guests staying on-site to unlock their hotel rooms.

Additionally, MagicBands can be utilized to purchase food and merchandise throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

New Updates to the Disney World Mask Policy
Credit: Disney

The complimentary service of receiving MagicBands was discontinued for Disney World resort arrivals.

“MagicBands will no longer be provided complimentary to Disney Resort hotel Guests with arrivals beginning January 1, 2021. For Disney Resort hotel room entry, Theme Park entry, and charging purchase to your hotel room with a valid credit card, you may use a Key to the World card (provided at the Front Desk). Or, you may use a MagicBand from a past visit or purchase a MagicBand pre-arrival

To learn more about this announcement please click HERE.

Key to the World Cards on DCL

Disney Cruise Line Expected to Restart at Higher Capacity

If you are familiar with Disney Cruise Line, then you may already be familiar with Key to the World cards (KTTWC).

They are issued to all guests on Disney Cruise Line voyages. Not only do they allow you to get on and off the ship, but they also serve as a stateroom key, to make purchases in the shops, and for drinks at the bar or at the restaurants.

Fun fact: On the Disney Dream and Fantasy you can use your Key to the World card in a slot to turn on the electricity in your stateroom!

Key to the World Cards Coming to WDW

New Updates to Walt Disney World Hours

Walt Disney World resorts will now be receiving the key cards for guests staying on property.

We now have a sneak peek of what those cards will look like, and I do not think guests will be disappointed as it includes Mickey and Friends!

Here’s a look at the new designs! Image courtesy of yulilin3.

However, do not fret as MagicBands will not go away completely!

Guests who prefer not to purchase a discounted MagicBand will be able to use the My Disney Experience app or a Key to the World card during their visit. We will still offer MagicBands in retail locations and on shopDisney.com, and guests will be able to continue using the wearables throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Are you looking forward to receiving the new Key to the World cards for your next WDW resort stay?  Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page or join our crew and continue the discussion there.

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  1. It totally stinks. Just cancelled my trip. I’m done. They took the magic away. Nothing like getting those bands in the mail! Honestly I will not loose a card but the point of the band was I didn’t have to dig looking for it all the while holding up the line behind me. SHAME ON DISNEY

  2. I think Disney is moving towards a digital entrance. Meaning KTTW cards are being used to wean folks off the MB, and to rely on ones own smart device. It’s cheaper, cleaner and more efficient.

  3. I like the Magic Bands. We stayed off site last visit and purchased our bands for $20.00 a piece ( used 4 days ) . Used for park entrance and Fast Pass reservations. $5.00 each is a bargain for those who stay on site. Free is better but …..

  4. Agree that it’s a step backwards, and we all managed with key cards before. What I don’t like is the push toward the app. If you spend your vacation looking at your phone, you might as well be home.

  5. I have to agree with many of the posts. Disney is going backwards. Cards were phased out years ago for a reason. People have to take time to take them out. The MB allows lines to move quicker. I think this is a poor decision by Disney. Wearable tech is the norm across the world. They need to rethink this idea.

  6. Nothing is going backward. The ONLY thing changing right now is that basic MBs won’t be free anymore when booking through Disney Travel. They’ll soon be $5. The themed MBs will cost more, but less than buying at full retail (with a few being exclusive to Disney Travel bookings). The cards have always been a choice to use, whether the paper or plastic versions. You also have another option of using your Disney app if you so choose.

  7. Are the cards going to have a hole punched on them so you could use a lanyard. On the cruise ship they use them so people don’t misplace there cards. I think the wrist bands are more convenient.

  8. I prefer magic bands because I was always worried about losing the card. Magic bands are so much simpler. Much faster to get thru any line, paying for things, etc. Disney has dropped the ball on this one.

  9. Magic Bands were introduced less than a decade ago and quickly became “the norm” because they were a wearable version of the original KTTW cards. Now that Disney has everyone so enamored with them that everyone believes they can’t enjoy a trip without them, they’re going back to cards as the standard. Why? Because cards are cheaper to produce, and Disney can now charge rack rate for all Magic Bands, further increasing their profits.

    This has nothing to do with being new, and certainly nothing to do with being improved. It’s being done solely to provide more revenue to Disney by allowing them to sell -all- Magic Bands, and sell them at full price. Honestly, I’ve never like the bands because I find them uncomfortable to wear and awkward to use for a lot of things. It was convenient to have everything on my wrist, but losing them was never fun, either.

    With the push to move more stuff into the app for your smartphone, I suspect that the cards will largely be able to remain in your pocket going forward and we will eventually see a time when the default “free” option will be only the app on your phone.

  10. So they are going back to cards? How are these an improvement? They had these before Magic bands. I will keep my magic bands. Much easier for kids not to lose!

  11. If I want to use a card, I’ll just go to Universal. Big step backwards! Especially after they put all that money into the technology for magic bands. Hey Bob you need to re think this one.

  12. The point of the magic bands was that you didn’t have to take out a card lol I don’t want to have look for any card. I will continue to use a magic band. It made life so much easier!

  13. That’s the way it used to be. You had a card to do everything and now they act like it’s a new thing. They just don’t want to give you a magic band. Although the plain ones are only $5 but still why go backwards. The magic bands were and are way more convenient.

  14. Agree that the cards are not going to be popular. Love the magic bands. Taking our church youth group to Disney was so much easier with the bands. No lost cards!

  15. I’m with MaryAnn and Dorothy.. thought they were all about not stopping by the front desk?? Guess it’s just a plan to have people pay for something (magic band) that used to be “free.” I completely expect them to bring back all day park hopper for double the price of the after 2pm park hopper. If we ever make it back, I’ll just use an old magic band from a past trip. Too much hassle to dig through bags looking for a card.

  16. I like the magic band better than a card. Less worry about losing it or forgetting it. Also with the bands, there’s less fumbling around and having to in your wallet, or through a bag. I will stick with the band.

  17. So they are going back to the way it was before magic bands and now during a pandemic you have to to the front desk to get your card and this is all new and improved???

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