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Disney World Confirms Details of Hall of Presidents Refurbishment

Disney World Confirms Details of Hall of Presidents Refurbishment
Credit: Disney World

Disney World has confirmed some of the details surrounding the Hall of Presidents refurbishment. Will the Muppets take over as rumored or will the show stay the same? Will Disney add (soon-to-be) President Joe Biden to the show? Find all the answers here.

Hall of Presidents Refurbishment

Earlier this morning, we announced that Disney closed Hall of Presidents for refurbishment. This happens every time a new President is elected so Imagineers can create a new animatronic of the incoming President.

While the Disney website does not say when the 25-minute show will reopen, but we can expect it to be fairly lengthy. When Former President Trump was elected, the show closed for almost an entire year to account for other updates as well. While this refurbishment likely won’t be that long, this is not a quick refurbishment.

We will be sure to update when Disney reveals a reopening date.

Will Joe Biden be in the show?

Rumors have swirled that the Muppets would be taking over Hall of Presidents as hopeful fans speculated the show would be re-themed. It has not been without controversy, as many noted the Donald Trump figure does not quite look like himself.

Additionally, security personnel have been added to the stage area to prevent Guests from protesting the show and rushing the stage.

According to Orlando Sentinel, a Disney spokesperson confirmed that a Joe Biden figure will indeed be added to Hall of Presidents. This puts speculation for a re-theme at bay for the time being.

President Joe Biden will be part of Hall of Presidents.

It is unknown whether or not Joe Biden will have a speaking role in the show. However, every sitting President since Bill Clinton has given a short speech towards the end.

Hall of Presidents is an opening day attraction and tells the story of our country. The animatronics used are the first ones to be created in human form. The show was originally created for the 1964 New York World’s Fair but evolved into Hall of Presidents for the opening of Magic Kingdom in 1971.

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