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New Park Hours To Bring In The New Year

New Park Hours To Bring In The New Year

Want to check out the Park hours across Walt Disney World for New Years? You will NOT believe how late the Parks will be staying open. Find out about all the extra magic that can be enjoyed this holiday season.

Park Hours

We have been happy to share new Park hours each month. We have been even more excited to share when these Park hours have been extended. As Walt Disney World welcomed Guests with a phased reopening back in July, many things were different then in previous visits to the Disney Parks.

Guests were welcomed back, but found the loss of fireworks, parades, character meet and greets, and even more in time in the Disney Parks to be a bit of a shock.

During the most recent months, we have seen extended Park hours listed. Check out when ALL 4 Parks offered extended Park hours.

Holiday Park Hours

We shared that shortened Park hours had been released across the Walt Disney World Parks December 20-31st. This had us a bit puzzled as this is one of the buzziest times at the Disney Parks.

park hours have again been extended in all 4 walt disney world theme parks this holiday season.

Later we were happy to see that extended hours would be offered at all 4 Parks. You can check these out HERE. This was GREAT news for Disney fans who were hoping to enjoy the holidays at Walt Disney World. However, today Walt Disney World announced even greater extended hours to welcome in the New Year.

Extended Holiday Hours

Now you can check out the recently extended Park Hours across the Walt Disney Parks for December.

Magic Kingdom

  • December 6, 11-13, 18-19: Park hours extended 8am-9pm (previously 9am-9pm)
  • December 7-10, 14-17: Park hours extended 8am-8pm (previously 9am-8pm)
  • December 31st: Park Hours extended 8am-11pm (previously 9am-7pm)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • December 4-6, 11-13, 18-19: Park hours extended 8am-8pm (previously 8am-7pm)
  • December 7-10, 14-17: Park hours extended 8am-5pm (previously 9am-5pm)
  • December 31st: Park hours extended 7am-8pm (previously 9am-5pm)


EPCOT will be receiving extended hours only on New Years Eve. Previously the hours were 12pm-8pm. Guests may now enjoy additional hours of magic with new hours of 10am-10pm.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • December 6-19: Park hours extended 9am-7pm (previously 10am-7pm)
  • December 31: Park hours extended 9am-9pm (previously 10am-7pm)

These extended Park hours bring great news for all Disney fans. Park hours are beginning to look similar to what we enjoyed prior to the Park closures.

The character Locator is always updated with new park hours.

As always the Character Locator offers all of the updated Park hours along with great ways to plan a magical vacation.

Do you think Park Hours may be extended even further until midnight on New Years Eve? What do you think of these extended Park Hours? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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