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Bob Chapek Reveals Park Capacity Percentage in a New Report

Bob Chapek Reveals Park Capacity Percentage in a New Report

After months of speculating what park capacity is capped at, we now have answers! Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney, recently revealed the percentage.

Interview with Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek recently gave an interview where he announced a major restructuring of the Walt Disney Company. With recent changes, streaming is now the most important aspect of the Walt Disney Company. Chapek shares, “We believe that we’ve got the opportunity to build upon the success of Disney+.”

Chapek shared, “Given the incredible success of Disney+ and our plans to accelerate our direct-to-consumer business, we are strategically positioning our Company to more effectively support our growth strategy and increase shareholder value.”

With a major focus now on Disney+, the Walt Disney Company will manage the creation of content in 3 categories including: Studios, General Entertainment, and Sports. These 3 content groups will help produce and deliver world-class content with the focus being on the Walt Disney Company’s streaming services.

Capacity Percentage

Reporter Danielle DiMartino Booth shared yesterday that theme parks are operating at 25% capacity.

Not only that, but this major reorganization mentioned above may result in even more layoffs for The Walt Disney Company. Disney recently announced the lay off of close to 30,000 Cast Members across Disney World and Disneyland.

Check out the tweet below:

This is heartbreaking news for Cast Members and Guests alike. Our hearts go out to those who are losing their jobs.

Has capacity always been at 25%?

There has been a drastic difference in attraction wait times and overall feeling that the parks feel more crowded between Disney World reopening in July and now. Wait times reach an hour or more for the most popular rides and queue lines stretch outside in the hot sun.

However, the park capacity limit has always been 25%. This simply means more Guests have become comfortable with the idea of visiting Disney World.

Disney recently sent out surveys to recent Guests asking how they felt about lack of FastPasses and nighttime entertainment. Hopefully this means they recognize the increase in visitors and want to accommodate the larger crowds. After all, they did promise low wait times earlier this summer.

What do you think about the park capacity percentage? Do you think it’s too low or too high? Let us know on Facebook!

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Alan J Carter

Friday 16th of October 2020

It’s difficult to judge the actual attendance or to compare wait times from past experience. The lines are much longer due to spacing. Rides are less than half full. I recently had the entire boat to myself at Norway. All of this makes waits longer than previous times. I’m sure the 25% figure is a good estimate. It could be 20%, it could be 30%, but still in the same range. Increasing attendance at this time with all the safety precautions in place would make the Happiest Place on Earth a nightmare.

Ohana and Friends

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

I have heard from multiple people that capacity is definitely more than 25%...which is what it was when they opened in July and were reaching capacity. Currently, parks are not reaching capacity but crowds have doubled or tripled. We were there last week and some of the ride queues at Hollywood Studios actually closed on the day we were there as the queues had reached capacity (rides were not down) which left people not able to socially distance and stay huddled in masses waiting for a queue to reopen. It was horrifying and we left. Glad we have annual passes. Epcot seemed better. Another poor experience at Magic Kingdom, and we just spent the rest of our time back at Saratoga Springs. Not problems there.


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

We are here this week (week of 10/12). Having a great time. We are finding most posted wait times are exaggerated and arent as long as posted.


Tuesday 13th of October 2020

Bring back the entertainment Disney!

Heather A

Tuesday 13th of October 2020

I have visited Disney over a dozen times. Never have I had a worse experience than last Friday (10/9) at Hollywood Studios. I have been to the parks when it’s busy. I’ve never had an issue with not being able to ride something. All day, most ride waits were 60-180 minutes. When we saw Star Tours was a 30 minute wait, and we got there it shortly turned into a 50-60 minute wait. Our ROR queue took 6.5 hours to call us and we had gotten into the virtual queue at 10:03 am. We left long the park before we were called for boarding. We only saw the Muppet show, which ended up being a 30 minute wait. It was so hot, especially with masks, that the AC was so welcomed. We did not ride any rides. My sons waited over 20 minutes to get into the stores at Galaxy’s Edge and then had to wait to get into each individual store. If this is at 25% capacity, I cannot imagine them opening it up a bit more. I am wary of our upcoming trip in February. I hope Disney has this worked out soon, because last week was my worst spent money at Disney.

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