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Disney Sends Out New Survey Asking About FastPasses and Extra Magic Hours

Disney Sends Out New Survey Asking About FastPasses and Extra Magic Hours
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Disney is asking Guests how they feel about FastPasses, Extra Magic Hours, and more! Answer the same questions in our post!

Guest Surveys

Disney periodically sends surveys out to Guests asking them how they feel about various experiences.

Most recently, one was sent to Guests who had recently visited EPCOT. In it, Guests were asked to rate their experience at the park along with other questions regarding the health and safety precautions.

Now, more Guests are asked to weigh in on their recent park experience.

Survey Questions

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First, Disney asked how likely they will return in the next five years. The survey asked how they felt about visiting theme parks BEFORE their visit.

Disney asked survey participants to rate their experience with rides and attractions, characters, and entertainment. Additionally, they were asked about their experience with transportation and Cast Members.

This last one is particularly interesting considering 28,000 Cast Members were recently laid off.

Next up, Disney asked several questions about how various experiences affected their overall experience. Lack of FastPasses, nighttime entertainment, Extra Magic Hours, and character meet and greets were all included.

Finally, Guests were asked how much money they spent on merchandise, food, and other vacation expenses.

Reader Poll

Vertical California Adventure

Now, we would like to ask our own version of these questions to our readers! Particular, we here at Kenny the Pirate would like to know how you feel about the absence of various entertainment and FastPasses that are no longer taking place in the park.

Also we would love to hear what your experience has been with characters and attractions!

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How would you rate your experience with rides and attractions?
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How would you rate your experience with characters?

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How would you rate your experience with entertainment?

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Does the lack of nighttime spectaculars impact your decision to visit Disney World?

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Does lack of FastPasses impact if you will return to Disney World?

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Which park is your favorite to visit for the holidays?

How do you feel about the limited park experience? Will you be back any time soon? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page and the Kenny the Pirate Crew!


  1. Just checked out of Disney 4 days early. AP Holders and have visited at least 1 a year for the last 5 years. 5th trip in the last 365 days. This was the worst trip we have ever experienced. We kept our AP because when I called to cancel they told us how there were barely any waits and parks were low in crowds. We were there on Friday and Saturday and couldn’t do anymore. The masks in 95 degrees in dead sun with 90-105 min waits is absurd. We rode less rides then I think we ever have in all our time there. 7 hours on Saturday and the kids did 5 rides at mk. One of them was a return because of rider swap. We couldn’t do 7 dwarfs or splash mountain because waits were so long. The kids were begging to leave. I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would pay full price to wait in lines as long or longer than normal with everything else taken away also. We wish we had just gotten a refund on our passes. I don’t know when we will return to Disney. As major fans it saddens me to say I think it will be a very very long time.

  2. I’m torn. I canceled this year also due to reduction of hours, some restaurant closures and lack of parades, fireworks and extra curricular activities. Don’t care about fast passes because sometimes they can make lines worse. But the rest absolutely has to come back to justified the costs.

  3. U love the characters and after covid please bring them back. Also Do NOT get rid of Magic Bands. I don’t want to dig for my phone, drop my phone, lose my phone. Magic Bands are MAGICAL. Please keep them. If people want to use their phones fine but I want My Magic Band Please.

  4. Had a trip September 15 to 25. While it was great to be back, the parks closed way too early and the crowds were really picking up. Hollywood Studios was the worst. While we do have trips scheduled for December, February, and May, we won’t be visiting the studios until fast passes return. Masks weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. The return of more entertainment options would probably help with crowds also.

  5. I went the middle of Sep. The one thing I like the most about Disneyworld is that I have something to do from the time I leave in the morning until I drag my tired rear end back to my room in the evening. With the reduced hours and lack of park hopping I was usually back in my room before 7ish. The food court was crowded when I got back because everybody was coming back at the same time and Disney Springs was way crowded in the evenings because of the same thing.

    It was very disappointing

  6. I have a vacation for 15 members of my family scheduled for April. We have rescheduled 3 times due to Masks. We have been going every 2 years for the last 20 years. We will cancel again if masks continue, Fast Passes aren’t started and some sort of the meal plan don’t return.

  7. Spent the day at AK last Thursday. Longest wait was 35 minutes for FOP which wasn’t bad at all. We rode everything at least once and rode FOP and Expedition Everest twice and still left at 4:30.

  8. We make the trip for two weeks every year for the last 19 years. Plus engaged there, and then wedding /honeymooned there. This year was no exception.. our annual trip was planned and booked for November. The cost just didn’t fit lack of fastpasses, park hopping, events (halloween/Christmas parties), waterparks, and live entertainment (including parades and fireworks. Then there was the whole massively reduced hours of operation. So we cancelled, and will not be returning until either cost is adjusted for lack of options/experiences or parks resemble some sort of normal. But honestly, with all that is lacking the biggest factors, aside from cost, was fastpasses, park hopping, and waterparks.

  9. We enjoyed our visit and enjoyed the limited capacity crowds. We missed the fireworks at night. We did not see characters often. We would have enjoyed the parks open earlier. But we had loads of fun. Perhaps the biggest inconvenience for me was mobile ordering. Overall it was very nice getting to the parks again. We felt good about it and safe. The lines seemed long in queues but they were in actuality about half the posted wait times. We visited October 7-11.

  10. I was just there, Oct5th thru Oct 9th. The lines were very long in spite of the lower crowds. Mk was full, lines very long. EPCOT pretty long lines too. AK not to horrible. HS very long lines. Lower crowds or not, We Need FastPass.

  11. Even if I planned a vacation this year, these trips are too expensive not to have all emmenities – FastPass, Extra Magic Hours, fireworks – heck, even closing so early is not worth it to my family. We are on vacation and time change from home time zone WOULD NOT get our money’s worth out of the vacation right now.

  12. Just came back yesterday. Besides the heat and masks not having the FP was the most negative. 80 minute wait at Mickey & Minnies. 90 minutes at Toy story, etc. if we didn’t promise the grandkids we could go in December we would cancel.

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