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Disney World Responds to Florida Governor Lifting State Restrictions

Disney World Responds to Florida Governor Lifting State Restrictions

Disney World has responded to Governor Ron DeSantis removing final state-level restrictions for businesses. What do you think of their response? Do you agree with them?

“Phase 3” Executive Order

fast passes returning disney world

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an Executive Order that Florida has now entered “Phase 3” effective immediately. This new Executive Order removes final state-level restrictions.

Restaurants and dining are now allowed to operate at 100% capacity.

This new Executive Order prevents cities and counties in Florida from ordering restaurants to close without justifying it for economic or health reasons.

Also included in this Executive Order, local governments may no longer collect fines for pandemic-related mandates. This includes fines for face mask mandates.

DeSantis went on to address Walt Disney World. He supports the Disney Parks to go “to a greater capacity.” At this point Disneyland is unable to reopen due to restrictions imposed by Governor Newsom, while Disney World is receiving requests from Governor DeSantis to increase capacity.

You can read more about this executive order HERE.

Disney World Responds to Executive Order

How will this executive order affect Disney? Will they increase capacity? Remove social distancing and mask requirements?

While we don’t have specific answers for that, Disney World did respond to the order.

Speaking via email with Florida 35, they stated:

“We received the Governor’s executive order and are evaluating it to determine what it may mean for our business. We are not making any immediate changes. As a reminder, face coverings are still required at Walt Disney World Resort.” 

SeaWorld Also Responds to Order


SeaWorld Orlando gave the following statement to Florida 35 as well:

“At SeaWorld, we are committed to the health & safety of our employees, guests, and the animals in our care. Since our reopening on June 11, the changes we have made to our park operations to enhance our already strict standards – from increasing sanitation across the parks to significantly limiting capacity, enforcing new physical distancing requirements and requiring temperature checks and face coverings – have allowed us to create a safe environment for our guests and employees while still providing them with fun and memorable experiences.

We will continue to evolve our procedures and manage capacity to maintain compliance with state and local government recommendations, while prioritizing the safety of our ambassadors, guests and animals.”

It seems as if Florida theme parks will take their time to ensure Guest and employee safety. Even though Florida has given them the green light to increase capacity fully, that likely won’t happen.

When/if Disney does increase capacity they will need to do so slowly and methodically to ensure no outbreaks are linked to the theme park.

What do you think of Disney World’s statement regarding the executive order? Do you want them to increase capacity or continue to limit it? Let us know on Facebook.


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  1. On the contrary… we live in a free country where we should not be told to HAVE to wear masks. If you feel unsafe in an area where people are not wearing masks, you can stay home, in your safe space, and the rest of us will get out and live our lives as Americans should. Wearing a mask, especially outside, is absolutely ridiculous. Walt Disney World isn’t communist China it is America. Disney can mandate masks in Hong Kong but NOT in Florida.

  2. For all of you who think masks should be a choice, you have a choice too. If you don’t like wearing masks, you don’t need to go to Disney World. It has been scientifically proven that masks help keep down the spread of COvid-19, inside or outside, since it is an airborne disease.

  3. Has universal made any kind of statement yet. We go in mid October with split Disney/universal trio and will have to reconsider depending on what they both decide.

  4. Mask should be a choice of the paying customer. Gust will never experience the true “Disney magic” until all the self imposed mandates are lifted. Let the magic of their great asset shine thur again. Disney cast members

  5. Glad that they make the health of their employees and guests a priority. The governor is not a doctor and does not listen to Dr. Fauci and his recomendations. I feel very proud of Disney’s decision.

  6. I hope they keep the crowds lower, but limit the mask regulations. If you are outside walking around, you shouldn’t have to wear them. On inside attractions then put them on.

  7. Please make face masks optional, I get the worst headache when I wear one for a long period of time. Plus I’m pregnant and get out of breath very fast and it’s hard to breath with a mask. If masks actually worked I could understand the mandate but they don’t!

  8. I think masks will be a necessity for a long time. I think the random Calvacades are great & should stay. Maybe do fireworks on random nights/times/parks to keep people from lining up for them.
    However, if restaurants go to 100% capacity, I feel like many will avoid them & those who don’t will be risking exposure.

  9. I am glad they are taking time and continuing to ensure the safety of the Cart Members and guests. I do agree they should add fastpass back as the lines are getting longer with the crowd increases. Masks should remain mandatory as well as the cleaning etc. More people brings more germs and increased risk. I was there in July and agin last week. The mask did not make it any hotter for me.

  10. They need to make masks a CHOICE not a mandate and if they increase capacity they need to bring back fast passes! If they truly care they wouldn’t increase capacity at all but if they do they can’t keep enforcing masks based on safety if they take away the capacity limits.. that wouldn’t make any sense considering we’re told you need both measures to stay safe. It should have always been a choice as far as I’m concerned

What do you think?

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