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BREAKING: Three Disney World Attractions Permanently Cut

BREAKING: Three Disney World Attractions Permanently Cut
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While Disney World is officially reopened, a few attractions will not be returning for Guests to experience. How do you feel about these cuts?

Walt Disney World is officially open again! Guests can now enjoy the breathtaking views of Soarin’ and exhilarating experience of Rise of the Resistance after nearly 4 months of closure.

We recently shared that a few projects have been cut – the new Mary Poppins ride in the United Kingdom at EPCOT and the planned refurbishment of Spaceship Earth.

It was confirmed prior to reopening that Spaceship Earth would reopen with the rest of Epcot, despite the fact that it was scheduled for refurbishment back in late May. Now, that entire project has been cut.

Closures at Animal Kingdom

Disney has now confirmed that three attractions are permanently closed.

First, Primeval Whirl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been permanently cut. This ride has been plagued with closures since last year, only coming out once in a while during busier times when Disney needed more attractions to handle the crowds.

Also at Animal Kingdom, Rivers of Light will not be available anymore – even after shows and parades return. It is currently closed anyway due to the fact that Disney canceled any type of experience that would bring people close together.

Open since 2017 (and then reimagined in 2019), many Guests considered Rivers of Light to be the most boring of the nighttime shows that take place at Disney Parks.

Hopefully once parades and nighttime shows return, Disney will give us something really great at Animal Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom

Finally, Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom is also permanently cut. This was to be expected since they completely emptied the inside of the building.

You can currently “meet” Stitch on the Tomorrowland Stage! Guests can walk up to the front of the stage (as long as they maintain a physical distance from other Guests) and grab a selfie with him!

We will keep you posted on what they do with the Stitch’s Great Escape building as well as Primeval Whirl and a nighttime show at Animal Kingdom!

What do you think of these attraction cuts? Share your thoughts and photos of you enjoying these experiences on our Facebook page!


  1. I’m sad about Rivers of Light. We were to experience that in March for the first time, but our entire 9 day trip Covid cancelled. I’m fearful WDW will never be the same again. Splash mountain as we know it is going to be gone. I’m trying to be positive, but don’t know when we’ll get to return to our former favorite place.

  2. Bring back Main Street Electrical Parade! It makes me soooo happy! I miss Disney! People please wear your masks so we can beat this virus and get back to normal!

  3. I think Rivers of Light is beautiful. I am sad that it won’t be there anymore. Why does everything have to be “exciting”? Can’t anybody just relax and enjoy something artistic and beautiful? I find that the more times my daughter and I go to WDW we appreciate the less “exciting” attractions more and more and that they have become our favorites.

  4. Stitch i dont know if it was horrible but it definitely was a step down from alien encounter. I actually enjoyed pw sad to see it go

  5. upset about Rivers of Light – one of my favorite nighttime attractions at Disney! Now all I like is the fireworks I guess. I miss Main Street Electrical Parade too. – I loved Rivers of Light – glad I got to see it at least once!

  6. Primeval Whirl makes me sad. I love that ride! Rivers of Light was one show we tried really hard to like and went twice and skipped it on the following trips. Stitch never was a very good ride, and honestly I thought that was already never coming back.

  7. Omg not Rivers of Light and Primeval Whirl! Noooooooooooooooo! I only saw Rivers of Light once last year and I thought it was amazing!! And my son was just tall enough to ride Primeval Whirl and we only got to ride it once last year! This is terrible! I thought Stitch was gone anyway…it was horrible!

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