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Fuel Rod Creates “Founders” Status to Continue Free Swaps

Fuel Rod Ends Creates

Those Disney Fans with FuelRod, which are portable charging devices, will be glad to know that a decision has been made concerning the possible $3 fee required to “swap” out a used FuelRod for a fully charged FuelRod. Check out how you can become a “Founder” and receive “free swaps for life.”

The Great Debate

Many are divided on the cost and effectiveness of the FuelRod. The FuelRod is a portable charging system that allows you to charge your phone or small device while on the go.

Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have many of these FuelRod kiosks around their Parks and Resorts. Once you have used a FuelRod, you can use the Character Locator app to find a FuelRod kiosk and swap it out for a fully charged FuelRod.

We purchased our FuelRod for $30 at the Disney Parks with signage indicating that “swaps” would be free. Last October, signage was added to FuelRod kiosks that a $3 swapping fee would now be required. Many FuelRod owners were quite upset commenting that the main reason they purchased the FuelRod was for the “free swaps for life.”

This led to a lawsuit and the signage was removed from the FuelRod kiosks located in the Disney Parks; however, when traveling we found that FuelRod kiosks in the airports were requiring the $3 swapping fee.

“Founders” Status

In an effort to honor their existing customers and to end litigation, FuelRod introduced the availability of the “Founders” status. As a “Founder” the customer will continue to receive free “swaps” at any FuelRod kiosk. There is no cost to become “Founder”, but you will need to complete an online registration.

exisiting fuelrod owners must complete an online questionnaire to receive the “founders” status

All existing FuelRod customers are encouraged to verify their eligibility by completing a simple questionnaire HERE. To be eligible for this, a FuelRod purchase must have been made before October 26, 2019.

The “Founder Status” is eligible if a fuelrod was purchased before october 26, 2019

After your questionnaire has been verified, the customer must download the FuelRod mobile app and create an account using the same email that they indicated in the questionnaire.

Once this has been completed, Founders will use their FuelRod App in order to receive free “swaps” at FuelRod kiosks. The app will generate a scannable QR code that will need to be scanned at the FuelRod kiosk at the time of the “swap.”

As an existing FuelRod customer, I am glad that they made the “Founder” status available. Do you own a FuelRod? Will you be registering as a Founder? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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