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New Information Regarding Luggage Delivery from Disney’s Magical Express

New Information Regarding Luggage Delivery from Disney's Magical Express

I know when my vacation at Walt Disney World has began when I step aboard Disney’s Magical Express at Orlando International Airport, and especially when I arrive to my Disney resort, my luggage magical appears in my room.

This morning we received new information and changes that are soon coming regarding this complimentary service.

As my vacation also begins with this complimentary service, the end of my vacation also receives this complimentary service provided Disney’s Magical Express. Although, I like to call it the “tragicalexpress” when my trip is over!

Beginning July 16, 2020, luggage delivery service will not be provided for guests that arriving to and departing from Orlando International Airport.

Guests who choose to use Disney’s Magical Express will be responsible for picking up any of their checked luggage from the airport’s baggage claim area and taking it to the motor coach, so that it can be loaded for transport to their Disney Resort hotel.

Guests and their luggage will have to travel with them to their Disney Resort hotel at their arrival.

However, upon arrival to the guest’s Disney Resort hotel, luggage assistance will be available at the front of Disney Resort hotels.

Additionally, luggage storage and/or transport help to the room will be available to guests for assistance.

At the end of a guest’s stay, upon departure from a Disney Resort hotel, guests must take their luggage with them and load them onto the motor coach.

This allows for guests to check in with their airline upon arrival at the airport with their luggage.

At this time, resort airline check-in is unavailable until further notice.

Transportation and Merchandise Updates for Next Month's Disney World Reopening

Guests who will be utilizing Disney’s Magical Express will receive a notification regarding these new changes prior from departure before arriving at Walt Disney World.

What are your thoughts on the changes affecting luggage delivery on Disney’s Magical Express?  Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Not very happy about this. This was one of the “little things” that made staying at a Disney resorts special. At this point, I just feel like my whole trip is being hacked away piece by piece. Free dining, gone. Park hopper, gone. Character meals, gone. Resort, not open, switched. Halloween party, gone. Magic Express luggage pick up, gone. I’m trying to hang in there and get back “home” but every additional infarct is making me rethink.

  2. This was an AMAZING perk. I’m bummed about this. I hope it’s only temporary. MCO can be a crazy place, now we have to stand in a dis functional line ? Just going to TSA/ security is stressful enough.

  3. This is not new for international guests. Disney stopped the “Yellow Luggage Tags” and made picking up your luggage and taking it to the DME coach the normal routine and has been the same for quite a few years now.

  4. Let’s just hope its due to the pandemic, and reducing the handling of luggage by others. I feel this service will be restored in the future. I ALWAYS used the luggage and check-in services and it was truly magical.

  5. This is absolute crsp, it is eating into our vacation time to go get out own luggage. What is the point of mzgi e Express. I hope this is fixed before January

  6. We have never utilized Disney’s luggage service, upon arrival, but the resort airline check in service was a BIG. perk for staying on site. We utilized this service EVERY visit. I REALLY hope that it returns by September!! Disney has really taken the benefits of staying on site, away.

  7. I usually pick up my luggage at the airport anyway so that’s not a huge deal to me. However, on return, I hate that luggage can no longer be checked at the hotel! When tired after packing up, it was wonderful to be able to check in at the hotel and just go to the gate at the airport. I hope they go back to it. Not happy at all about this.

  8. I agree with the previous comments. Disney continues to make staying onsite and less attractive. I love going to Disney but I am getting close to reaching the point of looking elsewhere for our family fun

  9. I agree that this is Disney Cost Cutting.

    We arrived on property last month DME picked up our luggage (even without the yellow tags- we just gave them the luggage checked numbers) and delivered it inside our rooms. Why they are now cancelling it makes no sense.

    We also utilized Resort Bell Services Transfers multiple times.

    On the way out, since “Airline Luggage Check-In” was closed, we had to schlep our luggage aboard, and then from the B-side across to the A-side in order to check it in with our Airline. I can understand this last part, as the Airline Luggage Check-in was closed, but it added complications.

  10. I thinks it’s another way for Disney to cut back and save money. All the perks of staying onsite are slipping away-this just adds to the list. I’m waiting to hear them charging for the magical express next.

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