Home Disney News 2021 Disney Hotel Packages Will Have Park Hopper Option!

2021 Disney Hotel Packages Will Have Park Hopper Option!

2021 Disney Hotel Packages Will Have Park Hopper Option!

2021 Walt Disney World hotel packages are live today, and we have some good news about ticketing options!

Guests love to park hop. Many guests love to start their day at one park, experience an easy morning of hopping from attraction to attraction, and then leave that park in order to spend the day at a different one.

Others love to come and go as they please, spending the day at one park and leaving to enter another for a dinner reservation.

Recently, with the introduction of Disney’s new Park Pass reservation system, Guests learned park hopping would no longer be an option.

This news was met with outrage from many Disney fans. Some with upcoming vacations even decided to cancel their trips over this change!

Today, 2021 Walt Disney World hotel packages went live, and there is some good news for anyone hoping for Disney to return to its former, pre-COVID glory.

Park hoppers are being sold as part of the packages!

Here’s what we found when going into Walt Disney World’s website to book a package.

As I played around with the system, I found it was moving much quicker than my previous experience with Disney’s Park Pass reservation system. Then, I was met with a small wait.

This was was a much better break than my previous pink castle and spinning orbit; I got the Dapper Dans instead!

As I continued to click through though, there it was. A new pink castle! This one must be post makeover!

I won’t lie, I cringed after seeing this! In my third screen, I saw the spinning orbit again.

Park hoppers are being sold as part of the packages!

Ok, on to the park hoppers!

When choosing your resort, you’ll get the option to book room only or package with tickets.

If you choose package, it first gives you the expected option of 1 park per day tickets.

Further down the screen, you’ll see the option to add Park Hoppers, or, Water Park and Sports, and Park Hopper Plus tickets, which include water parks!

It’s unclear how this will work with the Park Pass system, which only allows for one park per day.

If you’re hoping to book a hotel package for 2021, head on over to Walt Disney World and book those packages now!

What are your thoughts on the return of park hoppers? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!


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  1. So you can buy park hopper but only go to 1 park per day? I’m confused. Is this “incase” the one park a day gets lifted?

  2. I was clearly told by a DVC cast member no park hoppers until further notice! Is everyone on the same page at Disney?

  3. I have been trying to book in November 2021 – is that not an option? I remember reading something about Sept 26 – and also know that sometimes you can get room only reservations at 499 days – just confused. We were hoping to go this November but with everything decided to put off until Nov 2021. Thanks for all your work keeping us informed!

  4. I’m super happy to see the mention of park hopping, again, but a little bummed to think that the earliest it will return is 2021. Also, I wonder if park hopper tickets will be sold, on their own. We’ve come to realize that room only rates & tickets purchased separately have continued to be a lower price than a package. (At least in our experience) I do wonder how park hopping will work if the reservation system is still in play

  5. So they are offering these things now but are gonna just come back and cancel all your plans when they see coronavirus didnt just magically disappear by January. Umm no thanks.

  6. I agree we are cancelling our trip in September. The Dining plan is a big plus for large families and those with kids of different age groups. It allow the teenagers to be a little bit on their own without carrying money.

  7. I want to know if the dining plan is coming back! We never go without it and had to cancel this years trip because they only wanted to give us 50% of the experience but still wanted 100% of the cost. I need my Disney fix! But we also need our dining plan bac .

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