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Special At-Home Edition of the Festival of the Lion King

Special At-Home Edition of the Festival of the Lion King

As the Disney Parks remain closed, Disney Cast Members reach out to share their talents to bring a bit of Disney Magic from their homes to ours. Come join some former and current Cast Member of the Festival of The Lion King in a truly original compilation of a memorable show.

Festival of the Lion King

One of my very favorite shows at the Walt Disney World Parks has to be The Festival of the Lion King found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is a “must” experience every time my family and I visit Animal Kingdom.

The combination of musical numbers, engaging hosts, flame throwers, acrobatics, and gorgeous costumes layer upon each other to create a vivid array of Disney magic like none other.

Courtesy of Disney Parks

“Folk Family”

Former Cast Members and current Cast Members of the Festival of the Lion King joined together during this time of social distancing to form together the “Folk Family.”

These performers have banded together from each of their homes to share the love.

They perform the musical finale of this great show, but they add a few twists in what they have titled the “Mega Mix Finale Quarantine Edition.”

They perform aerial stunts from backyard swing sets, homemade props, and makeshift costumes.

We join this cast from their backyards, living rooms, and neighborhoods across the country. I personally love the flame thrower who substitutes his flames for a light saber.

It is truly remarkable to see so many of these talented performers dancing in sync to this powerful medley.

Hakuna Matata

These performers end with a special note to Disney fans both young and not so young: “From the Heart of the Pridelands: Stay Safe and Hakuna Matata!”

Lion King Experience At Home

If you are looking for more ways to bring the spirit of the Lion King to your home, be sure to check out The Lion King Experience: At Home Learning Edition.

This is a FREE experience provided for children straight from the Broadway stage. Find out more about this valuable resource HERE.

Lion King Experience Free At-Home Learning

Have you attended The Festival of the Lion King? Share your memories and photos with us on our KtP Planning Group and on our Facebook Page.

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Perri F Fuerst

Sunday 10th of May 2020

This video was amazing! I loved it and I love this show!

Donna Farmer

Friday 22nd of May 2020

Thank you so much for your positive comment. This is one of my favorite shows as well.

Meg Mayo Lucas

Saturday 9th of May 2020

I have a question about the cast picture in front of the wall - is that the WDW cast? Or is Festival of the Lion King performed in Asia? Who are the two people in the middle who aren't in costume? I can't watch to watch the video!

Donna Farmer

Saturday 9th of May 2020

This photo was courtesy of Disney Parks and was taken when the cast of the Festival of the Lion King in Walt Disney World was visited by 2 of voice actors from the new Lion King movie. I hope you enjoyed the video from the Cast Members. Thank you for reading.

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