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Rise of the Resistance Experiences Early Closure

Rise of the Resistance Experiences Early Closure

Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios experienced a very early closure today. Read on for full details about what time the closure happened and a possible reason.

Rise of the Resistance did not have a good day today.

According to Thrill Data, the popular attraction stopped working at around 4:00 pm on March 1, 2020. As you can see in the graph below, no new boarding groups were called after 4:00 pm.

The last boarding group called was somewhere in the low 100s. This isn’t terrible considering some days don’t get past group 60.

One the day I visited last week, the last guaranteed group was 50. Disney has been distributing fewer guaranteed boarding groups as a precaution to the numerous breakdowns the ride seems to experience.

Hollywood Studio's Rise of the Resistance Experiences Several-Hour Delay Today

Why does Rise of the Resistance break down so often?

Rise of the Resistance’s early closure could be for any number of reasons. There are so many moving parts that affect the entire attraction. If one scene of the attraction gets held up, it will create a domino effect.

The fact that the attraction uses trackless technology also plays a major role if Rise of the Resistance experiences extended downtime.

Rise of the Resistance Only has 46 Boarding Groups Today

It’s not uncommon for the attraction to experience a hold up. However, the fact that they stopped calling boarding groups at around 4:00 pm for the remainder of the day signifies a pretty large issue.

Hopefully it will be up and running for guests tomorrow!

Not the first time…

Even though the ride did not operate for 4 hours today, this is actually not the first time Rise of the Resistance experienced a several-hour delay.

Back in late January, boarding groups were not called for the ride until 2:00 pm, which was a delay of 7 hours.

How to Ride Rise of the Resistance

Boarding groups are the only way to ride this amazing attraction. Read Kenny’s complete guide to boarding groups to help you prepare for your chance to join the Resistance.

Glitch in the System this Morning with Rise of the Resistance

Were you at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today? Did you get to experience Rise of the Resistance or was your boarding group not called? We love to hear first-hand reports from the parks so let us know on facebook!


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Friday 6th of March 2020

We were group 41 on Monday and the ride broke down before our interrogation. They had to usher us out the backstage area and provide us with a fastpass to return. Luckily, things were okay about an hour later and we were able to board. I did notice that we didn’t get to see kylo ren cut through the floor/ceiling with his lightsaber. Not sure if that is common now.


Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

Timothy I must have been near you in the queue! Heard they got to group 109 and shut the queue. Amazing attraction and so worth the wait!!!!


Monday 2nd of March 2020

I was in the queue, about 20 people ahead of me before entering the ride. They announced a delay at 415, then came through the queue with water bottles, popcorn and bananas. They then brought Chewbacca in for photos, which they unlocked on the My Photopass app. After 440, cast members stopped coming through and gave no other explanation. We finally boarded at 525. In spite of the delay it was the most extraordinary ride I have ever ridden.

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